Tarot Certification needed


Hi all,

I am a self-taught tarot reader in India, looking for suggestions for a recognized/reputed ONLINE (long distance learning) Tarot certification course/degree/qualification.

Please suggest where can I get a professional certificate from.

Help will be much appreciated, thanks


Tarot certification

There are a number of online options. The ones that immediately come to mind are:
- Global Spiritual Studies, which has a wide variety of Tarot courses. I'm thinking specifically of Katrina Wynne's courses
- The American Tarot Association offers 15 courses divided into 5 each of beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics
- International Tarot Foundation has a certification program which includes mentored courses
- The Tarot School offers a number of courses and a mentored certification program

Any one of these should be suitable. Hope this helps.


There's also TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles, but it's open to people outside of them too), but you need to be a member (10 GBP a year) and have been a member of their forum for a couple months.


People have been really nice in suggesting different online teachers. There's Dusty White:www.freetarotlessons.com. He has a certification course. Look on YouTube. I'm sure some of those people will have their own certification course.


ITF Certification

^^^ Dusty White has online classes? Very cool! I hear he's great, thank you for the link.

I'm still going with the ITF for certification. They not only have the best rates but they are offer accreditation too!

Wishing you the best along your journey!