Tarot Ethics II


The thread about the stock market readings got me thinking about other aspects of the ethics question. I am sure there are millions, but the one that has me a little stumped is this.

As I have mentioned before, I have the Ace of Cups from the Goddess Tarot tattooed on my ankle. When I go out in shorts and sandals, inevitably someone sees it and comments. Usually they want to know what it is. When I tell them, their eyes light up with the question..."You Read Tarot!?" Then they want to know if I would read for them. Would it be tacky to print up some business cards with my e-mail addy on them so that if they are serious they can contact me? I would not proclaim to be a expert or anything. Just that I am available to do individual readings or reading parties. I am worried that it would make me appear too "slick". On the other hand, how would this be different than writing on the back of a Wal-Mart reciept? I am not trying to get rich, but I would like to build a clientelle. Eventually I would like to be able to "quit my day job" and make my living with my crafts and readings.

Okay All.....Let's hear it!


why not? it's a free country. I know a reader in ARgentina who charges 50$ for an hour consultation (she's not a prof. of any kind) which includes a "talk therapy" session. She's always over-booked and never feels that she has to give anyone explanations or excuses for what she's doing. She doesn't advertise nor has any kind of sign on her window; merely built up clientele by word of mouth.


I'm no expert or anything like that, but if you plan to use an image that is copyrighted on your business cards, find out first about copyright infringement - it's a big deal. Other than that, I think it's a great idea, best of luck with it !!


Hi Starshine,
of course you should do that, why not?
I have business cards with my tarot activity; its a quite serious and discreet way of getting known. But I also have two types of cards, one with, one without tarot. You should think about that, because sometimes it will not be appropriate to show all of your activities.


Hi StarShine,
I cannot see this an ethical issue at all. You say your goal is to read full-time, and clearly you need both a steady and casual clientele to do that. If folks notice your tattoo, and express interest, give them a way to contact you for a reading. I think it is that simple, no ethical question.
I agree about using that Ace of Cups symbol on your card (if that in fact was what you wanted to do)... check the copyright... or better yet, put your own design on or pay a graphic designer for one.)


I was not planning to use the Ace of Cups on my cards....but now that I think about it, it would be cool. I mean, it would help anyone I give the card to link it to me and I love what that card stands for. Maybe I will get out my sketchbook and my Prisma Pencils and see if I can come up with my own Ace of Cups design. I would never dream of using someone elses without permission! Thanx for the thought.


I think that business cards would be a nice professional touch. After all, professionals hand out cards all the time.

As I see it, you have a better chance at getting a call from your card than you would say the back of a receipt that happened to be handy.--People tend to keep cards and refer their friends from them (I know I have on several occasions)

Sounds like a good step to me! Best of luck!

Love and Light,


Go for it! And always make sure you have a supply of business cards with you at all times!



Definitely, definitely go the business card route. I save business card and use them quite frequently. But I often lose little slips of paper. I guess that means that I do view receiving a business card differently than information on a slip of paper, even though it isn't a conscious choice. Definitely do the business cards.



StarShine, why would that be un-ethical?!? If your dream is to "quit your day job" and making a living from tarot and stuff, then by all means - do it! And don't feel ashamed about promoting yourself. You're good! If you doubt yourself, then others will too. You NEED to promote yourself. And, promotion does not have to equal "slickness"... I know exactly what your talking about, but don't worry. If you have an honest desire to help others and your ambition is heartfelt, people will respond. Be confident and proud - and most of all, excited - to offer your services to others.
Best of Luck. :)
.... there are a lot of pre-concieved notions to face .... dealing with not only "miss Cleo"-type frauds, but peoples' general wariness of advertising in general.