Tarot for prediction


I would like to know if anyone has effectively used tarot for prediction of future events. I have a friend who is pregnant. She's been on bedrest for almost two months, with the warning from her doctor that she could deliver early. Just today her doctor said that it seems she may deliver within the next two weeks, the baby seems to be sitting right on her cervix. I did a general tarot reading for her a while ago, and took a look at the numbers that came up to see if they might be telling me something about the upcoming birth. Though the reading was general, it was most definately about the upcoming birth.

So my question...does any one know of a particular spread or method that might be used to predict when this baby will be born? Has anyone ever done anything like this and had sucessfull results? Or is something like that so uncertain that I shouldn't even bother? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I must have done a million spreads about my babies. Is it a boy or a girl? Answers so far- page, lion, you're fertile (this seems to be my most common answer! No kidding, i'm pregnant I know I'm fertile LOL). When will it come? Will it come today? Never a useful answer.
I've stopped asking the questions, I figure someone doesn't want me to know!


When I first started with Tarot I thought I could predict the future with it but then I slowly leaned more toward the idea that the future is very mutable/changable. I typically do have a card in my spread that represents the possible outcome but that outcome is based on if the querent heeds the insight of the cards and follows the cards' suggestions. The querent's choices and the choices others make influence the future.

For example: if the drunk man leaves a bar he typically has two main choices: drive home, or not drive home (take the bus, let someone else drive, etc.) If he chooses to drive himself home he is much more likely to have a car accident and kill someone than if he chooses (or someone else chooses for him--like a friend) to not drive himself home.

The future is fairly complicated because there are so many possibilities and variables...the cards can assist you but they can't give you the exact answer.

I wish I could give you a black-and-white answer but I don't think there are any black-and-white answers. I hope all goes well with the baby.