Tarot for Yourself - Six of Swords - description


Can any of you with the book Tarot for Yourself please post the description of the six of swords for me? I'm going to order the book, but it's "currently on order" on amazon. I want to see what the interpretation of this card is versus the interpretation in 78 Degrees of Wisdom. (Because I'm about to design this card to the Aeclectic Tarot Collaboration Project!) :) Thanx in advance.


Hi, I've got it:
6 of Swords: Mercury in Aquarius. Moving away from danger. Journey of conciousness, or mental travel. Solving problems. Getting distance to see things in perspective.
There are some questions to ask, and also an affirmation:
"I gain perspective on problems and issues by changing my direction and focus."
Hope that helps! I love that book!


I love that book too! Anyone interested please feel free to join the Tarot for Yourself study group in the Study Group Forum. Some exercises take a while to do so just dig for past posts to catch up if you are interested. I believe we have 3 threads. It has been really helpful to share information and help each other out.


DeLani: thanx so much for the description! I have drawn the six of swords three times already, but don't seem to get it perfect. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm born in Virgo and also have five planets situated in Virgo! :D )

Jewel: I would have loved to, but unfortunately I still don't have the book. It's currently on order on amazon. :( Besides, I'm dedicating myself to the 78 Degrees of Wisdom... ;) Thanx anyway for the invitation!