Tarot from a florist's perspective


Hello! Long story short I am a florist and a "girly girl", so I've been working on a deck that really speaks to me! Here's a few samples of my work in progress.

The Hanged Man - Beauty in the act of sacrifice and letting go

The Chariot - Constantly moving forward to get done what needs to be done

Six of cups - Going back to the past, shining a light on the former self


Please let me know what you think so far! I am almost done the majors and am currently avoiding the minor suits haha. So many cards!


Thanks Nicky!


love the card images as a girly boy :) good luck with it pinkcrow and keep us updated with the deck progress! :thumbsup: I don't think there is many decks like this, with the style and theme and sure it will have an audience!


Thanks reall and danieljuk! I just received my original major arcana designs in the mail, which are similar in concept but not as sophisticated as my current designs. I wanted to see how they printed out and wow I have to admit makeplayingcards dot com did a beautiful print job.


hi pinkcrow =) your cards spark joy! Good luck to your deck creation!