Tarot Jewelry


For my Birthday last month, my fiance started a charm bracelet for me. I have wanted one for years. He bought the bracelet and a Happy Birthday charm with some sweet words inscribed on the back. He told me that I was such a unique and diverse person, that he thought a charm bracelet would be a good way to show the world who I really am. That is what I want to do. I want to build a bracelet that is totally me! My mom added an artist pallette that I love, but I want the next addition to be some sort of Tarot Charm. Any ideas on where I can get one small enough to attach to my bracelet? I would also be interested in Rune Charms as well.
Thanks in advance for all your help!


Every once in awhile I see things like that on ebay.

BTW, just wanted to comment on how thoughtful your BF sounded when he said that was why he picked that particular gift. :)


Yeah, He can be a real Sweetie. He likes to act big and gruff, but every now and then he slips up and shows his soft side. I pretend not to notice, wouldn't want to bruise the old ego!

Thanx for the tip!


i found a pewter high priestress card on ebay about a year ago that would prob be the right size for a charm bracelet. i've also seen such jewelry on other occult sites that specialize in jewelry. i don't know if these 2 sites will have anything but maybe they'll lead you to a link or 2. http://astrologyetal.com/

the best site was ewitch but they are having major server probs and aren't online right now. i hope they get things straight soon. i really enjoyed their site.


One site that I found is on Angel Paths. They have tarot charms.


hope this helps.