Tarot of Claude BURDEL 1751 another FACSIMILE for 2015 !

Yves Le Marseillais

Marseille 18th January 2015

Hello to all and all,

Additional news of South France Old €urope:

A facsimile of the Tarot of Marseille Type II by Claude BURDEL 1751 will be issued by May 2015.

This deck is sized: 63 x 117 mm
Original back with stars and dots alterned.

Same box as Madenié, Chosson and Heri.

Same type of box decoration, paper weight, satin finition, square corners.

Two presentation cards: English and French OR English and German.

Fitted with his original wrapper.

Limited edition: 3000 numbered copies

You can see:
His box already on my Facebook page:

His 22 Majors cards on my website:

I encourage you to register on my Newsletter to receive in preview numerous details about this realization and this famous French Master cardmaker who initiated a long lignage of cardmaker in Swissland:

Another tarot will go out late in 2015 and one shall have the opportunity to talk again of it.

2015 year will be terrible for Tarot amatores isn'it ? ;)

Greetings from Marseille

Tarot of Marseille Heritage


At last! The one I've been waiting for! Only four months or so to hold my breath. Good news, good news, indeed!


You want to bankrupt me, don't you, Yves.... :)

Laura Borealis

When I follow the links, I get an error message that says, "Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed."

I'm excited to see the cards, though :)

Yves Le Marseillais

A full photo of all cards on a poster

Bonjour à tous/ Hello all,

On my facebook page I just posted a picture of of poster made of all cards of this Claude BURDEL project.

Here it is:


Hope link will works...

This is a test picture of all cards before I give my OK for printer.

Same processs and level of preparation for HERI deck too.

Are you ready for the Experience ?

Salutations from Marseille City

Old €urope


thank you! Another wonderful deck to look forward to:))


Are the Heri and the Burdel coming out at the same time?

Yves Le Marseillais

Same player shot again

Are the Heri and the Burdel coming out at the same time?


Yes. So you will save some money re transport fees.

To be issued by Mai 2015.
It give some time to you to prepare another shelve in your home for this two decks and inform your boss about your wages increase demands. ;)))))

No pain no gain no ?

I'll prepare your parcel in due time


Yves L M


excellent news!