Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition

Wilfried Houdouin

Hello everyone,
I'm very pleased to announce that the English version of the official website of the Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition, the regeneration of the 22 major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseilles, based on the rediscovery of their original geometrical structure, and of the book “Sacred code of the Tarot”, has just been released : http://tarot-de-marseille-millennium.com/english/
This website also features a unique gallery of historic Tarots of reference, realized with the cooperation of Yves Reynaud (Yves Le Marseillais), with whom Wilfried Houdouin created “Tarot de Marseille Heritage” (on-line early 2012), dedicated to the republication of the most beautiful historic Tarots.
Prepare yourself to rediscover the Tarot of Marseilles, and Enjoy !
Wilfried Houdouin

Yoav Ben-Dov

this is awesome. thanks wilfried and yves - the best collection i saw, and very good scans - very useful for deep research on the marseilles tarots.

any chance to see the minors one day? at least the aces and the figures? i think they were under-estimated until now..

happy holiday / hanuka / christmas / solstice / light festival!

Wilfried Houdouin

Demonstrative answers with videos

Hello Everyone !
During these times of celebration, along with the historical Tarots gallery I invite you to visit the section of the website http://tarot-de-marseille-millennium.com/english featuring the answers to the frequently asked questions (Faq) regarding the Tarot of Marseilles Millennium Edition.
It also contains demonstrative videos on the sacred geometry, the Metatron's cube and the torus, the very matrix of Creation the present author demonstrates to be that of the Tarot of Marseilles, proven in his book “ Le code sacré du Tarot - la redécouverte de la nature originelle du Tarot de Marseille ” / “ Sacred code of the Tarot - the rediscovery of the true nature of the Tarot of Marseilles ” – to be a symbological model of the Universe, the very philosophical legacy of the Ancients.
Happy Christmas, and Best for all in 2012 !
Wilfried Houdouin


It is clear to me that Wilfried’s tarot was plagiarized in anticipation by Nicolás Conver, so, the Tarot of the Millenium is the ‘original’ tarot.

This is a pataphysical claim, of course, but also a poetic license I used to express a poetic truth: Wilfried’s tarot is the ‘truest’, not because Wilfried (WIL(WHEEL) FRIED = WILD FIRE) has managed to take us to the Marseille tarot’s hypothetical pristine past; but because he successfully brought the Marseille tradition to the future. I suspect many would argue Wilfried’s theories, but it would be hard to argue with his images.

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I very much look forward to (hopefully) an English translation of his book. It looks very interesting. And also (hopefully) a full majors + minors release of his deck. I'd buy both in a heartbeat.

Patrick Booker

I have just ordered this deck. Wilfried Houdouin's book does not seem to be available in English yet - can anyone please tell me whether the LWB goes into his theories about the geometric basis of the deck to any extent?



A very small part of the LWB is devoted to geometry, most of it a general discussion of what sacred geometry is. There is a photo of Le Bateleur with Metatron's cube superimposed, showing how the cube, which Houdouin says is the basic structure of the deck, organizes the structure of the card. Most of the LWB is about history.

Patrick Booker

Thanks for that, Sherryl. According to Wilfried Houdouin, the English translation of the book is is likely to be a year or so, and will be an ebook.



I have ordered this unique deck.
Please, does anyone have hints or tips for me when I get it in my hands?
How are you using it?
And, this is just for discussion / ideas sake, not for rote repetition of what you do.
Thank you.


I don't use the deck for reading, since it's trumps only. Some day when I have a lot of time I'm going to dust off my French dictionary and slog through the book with the deck by my side, since I'm fascinated by sacred geometry. I was actually more interested in the book and purchased the deck to go with it. Turns out, the deck isn't necessary since the book is so well illustrated and each card gets a full-page color illustration. But I'm very glad to have the deck - it's a beautiful, quality production.