Tarot of Prague cafe club 2 of wands


A child, naked, hold two green branch. Behind, a woman is holding a sphere and is pointing a place on the sphere. It is stunning me that the child stay there for the time being. He seems very intelligent. He seems to be full of life.


this is one of the cards that leaves me mute. I don't seem to 'read' it much regardless of the spread or topic.

what i see is issues with balance, fruition of plans and creative undevours. perhaps a mischivious young person playing around with your balance regarding decisions.

what do you think?


I see the woman -or mural of woman- as wanting more. She's a fixture now in her new position in life... by fixture I mean plastered into the wall... and being a wand, she wants very badly to break free and move

She looks beyond towards the freedom of the child, with it's wings spread... the child is free and wild in the real world... meanwhile, the woman stares out from from her plastered, one dimensional life with an urge to rip herself off that wall and join the world of three dimension - or what she perceives as three dimension - because even if she does decide to break free of her current wall she will soon be plastered into a NEW wall and wanting desperately to rip herself free again

She's a wand