Tarot of Prague café club 3 of cups


One woman is holding a cup in a toast gesture. Two other woman are with her. Two cups are on waves of water. In the sky, two angels. Maybe the three woman are celebrating. They seems to be a team.


This is such a happy looking card. Three nearly nude women (goddesses, muses?), all dressed only in red partial skirts that cover very little actually, but they look beautiful and very celebratory. The one on the left stands with one hand on her hip and one leg bent behind her. She holds her golden cup up over her head, and it is being filled by an angel on a wall painting from an urn. The ladies look like they're standing on a cloud. A dove flies past at their feet. Two cups stand by the feet of the two other ladies. The lady in the middle holds her arms out to encircle the other two. The lady on the right is turned towards her friends. She holds one arm out with her hand face down. Maybe this indicates that they concern themselves with the earthly world. They seem to carry a message of blessedness, celebration, and inspiration.

Queen of Disks

These women make me smile. They look like classical goddesses (they remind me of the Three Graces) yet they look like they are having the most serious conversation ever. They could be discussing anything from what us mortals are doing to the upcoming celestial party to what trouble the kids got into. And I love how the one woman holds up her cup without looking while the angel fills it up.