Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - 4 Cups


This is one of my all-time favourite cards in the Tarot of Prague. An androgynous figure rests thoughtfully against a tree contemplating four beautiful cups before her. Is the figure a shepherd? After looking at the card for a while I can see the lamb in the bottom right hand corner, and perhaps, the crook the person is resting against is a shepherd’s crook.

There is something about this image which is so peaceful. It is an image resonant for me with memories of youth, when after a lot of hard work, one stands reflectively and thinks Where to now?. The work of the 1’s, 2’s and 3’s is done. Let’s wait a while and think about where to go next. Even the texture of the painting augments this impression. It is almost as though the image has yet to take complete form in the artist’s eye. The future is still being dreamed . In the Tree of Life, this card belong in Chesed – the sphere of abundance and love, openness - the Moon in Cancer.

It is an image which could belong to anytime of life. Is the future full of promise and excitement or is it one of promise and fulfilment? I won’t know until I drink from the cups but let me dream for a while. Let my dreams take form here.

Place of silent trees ~
contemplating that which is ~
early evening breathes.

Edited to add: Came back to edit the haiku and leave a quiet message. This will be my last contribution for a while as I am a little ill and need some time to recover. Will catch up with you all after winter :). Am going to also practise my haiku so will come back more polished or maybe even able to manage bigger things. Hope you keep on with the discussion group. :). Take care everyone...


Hi there Moongold,

Thought you might like to know that there is already a thread started on the four of cups:

Perhaps a moderator could amalgamate the two?


P.S. Hope you feel better soon. We will carry on with the discussion group and look forward to you joining in when next you feel up to it. Take care.


Yes, I must agree. It is a card about deep thought. Taking some time to think on what we want to do next.