Tarot of Prague Café Club - 4 of Cups

Bean Feasa

I think that this is the best 4 of Cups I've seen. In other decks I'd probably have to have some help from the LWB or another text to know what's going on but here it's so clear, the young man oozes ennui and boredom.
The mosaic gives a kind of Impressionist look - a broken-up shimmering of light and colour. To me this represents the magic and beauty that surrounds him, but that he's incapable of seeing. Perhaps he only sees the little, individual bits and they look small and paltry to him - he doesn't see how it all fits together into a glorious whole. It looks like springtime, but maybe he wants summer. It's a beautiful rural landscape, but perhaps he's dreaming of a big city where the streets are paved with gold. Maybe he's lonely, sick of the solitude of being a shepherd. I guess there's a lot of him in most of us. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I want to shake him.
The goblets that form the pattern of the four cups in the foreground are a very satisfying shape - solid and fat and rounded, for all our languishing hero knows they could be full to overflowing with nectar. To me they're a reminder of craftmanship, of getting involved in work, of dynamically shaping something from nothing. A big hint to our friend the shepherd about a way he could choose to go. But can he snap out of his reverie, to see this?


I love this 4 of cups as well. He is so uninterested in what he is doing. He looks even a little anoyed that he is stuck out there tending the sheep. What he doesn't realize is how important his job is, and the rewards he will reep from it.

The cups in front of him are large and beautiful. It takes a very distracted mind to miss them! There is also the fruits on the trees ready for picking that he totally ignores, the lush green fields as well. He is surrounded by bounty and he doesn't care.

What is that underneith the tree in the backround? It is gold, but I can't make out what it is.


When I look at this card I immediately think of a lazy, sunday afternoon. His surroundings are beautiful, I think he's in an orchard and the fruit is ripe for picking. In fact, I am wondering if that yellow 'thingy', is a basket of sorts. He tends his sheep but dreams of a different life, something a bit more exciting. He looks bored! Maybe he should spend less time thinking about a different life and more time doing something about it.

His cups are splendid and the fruit on the trees show a certain abundance too. Apples represent desire and fertility. He either needs to stop day-dreaming and take a look around at what he has or he needs to stop dreaming and do something positive.

He should count his blessings (or his sheep :D) and consider that often the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.

J :)


Maybe he dream about the city. He look like a teenager stuck in a rural area without no fun activities (it is what he seems to think).


constant longing. he longs for change... excitement... anything but where he is. he gazes ahead, out of frame, toward some imagined "better life".