Tarot of Prague Café Club - 4 Pentacles


What a great card this is!

This man is a big bloke, he looks comfortable, affluent and prosperous. You can see from his stature that he has a good life. He holds his one large coin and focuses on it so intently. It is obviously his main concern at the moment. He has run out of hands to hold all of his goodies so he has to enlist the help of his feet, and he even has one smaller coin tucked into his robe. The message definately seems to be 'these are mine'. The square box at the front of the image looks like a treasure chest. Is it full of treasure? It may indicate control of his structured world. Possibly he is hoarding, greedy, even clinging to his possessions.

He is sat in a doorway as if he controls who goes through it. Doors can be imposing and this one certainly looks well made, possibly indicating a blocked entrance. Maybe its a reminder that we can get too caught up in our material world. We shut our doors and we feel safe and secure but are they restricting?

Look at the little face on his right shoulder, he's almost laughing. We are told these represent demons. The small coin tucked inside his robe may show that there is some beauty within. I think that in the right setting this card could represent self-sufficiency.



It make me think of a local fictional character known for his avarice. The fictional story is set near my hometown. I am associating this card with the ficitional character.


Picked this card today and these are my random notes:

Sensual, almost filled with lust. This man has pleasure on his mind.
A pentacle is over his heart. I see it more as a pentacle then a coin, this card don't suggest money to me but rather the wealth of the world, the harvest. Is he not a Baccus like person in his lose robe? His bare feet connects him to the physical. He devours the riches of the land, perhaps this is where the greed comes in. He doesn't look like a man who want to share his wealth, not out of spite though, more out of a genuine hunger for more and more and more...