Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - 4 Wands


A group of four women are dancing playfully in the courtyard....this is a time for celebration and enjoying the simple pleasures of life: being with friends, enjoying food and wine, wearing flowers in one's hair....taking a little break from reality.

The woman in the foreground seems to be doing her own thing, still part of the group yet taking a few moments to express herself individually. She appears to be partially disrobed....her red gown is swept off one shoulder and her right arm is raised, holding a wreath of greenery....she is full of life, uninhibited and just enjoying herself...living in the moment.

I noticed that this scene of merriment is also reflected in the archway above her: there are four cherubic figures frolicking among the grapevines...two of them toasting the occasion.

This card perfectly illustrates the meaning of the card for me: celebration, freedom, taking chances and appreciating life.

:) Luna


I can't deny this card have a charming joie de vivre feeling. Looking at it, I easily imagine a little playful tune of circonstance striking the air from outside the card. The woman in the front seems ready to say, in a solemn tone : Let's the party be! We are all happy!

A very cheering card to have in a spread!