Tarot of Prague Café Club – 5 of Cups

Bean Feasa

All 5s come under the tutelage of the Hierophant, but in this case the connection is reinforced by the fact that the cloaked figure in this card is the Golem, created to protect the Jews of Prague by Rabbi Loew the chief Rabbi of Prague, who is the model for the Hierophant in this deck.
This card really exercises me because in the first reading I ever did with this deck (which was also my first ever reading for someone else), the friend I was reading for got really freaked-out. (I posted about this in Your Readings, a good while ago). Death and the Tower appeared in the spread also but it was this card that completely petrified her. Ever since then I think of this card as much stronger meat than the traditional Rider-Waite. In the RW depiction the figure stands with head bowed, looking disappointed and defeated. But this character looks strong and stoical – his stance is determined. He looks well buttressed and bulked up, like he can definitely withstand difficult times. The facelessness is disturbing though. Does it suggest that if we have too much of a tough time we can become brutalized, and lose our humanity. Or does it suggest simply a blindness to the fact of the 2 cups which still stand upright behind him.
The whole scene in the card is filled with strong powerful shapes – the clouds in the sky thick as clotted cream, the solid palace behind, the rooted-looking Golem, even the cups themselves look heavy and earthy. Rabbi Loew created the Golem from clay and it shows. It seems more a card of earth than water . A very powerful and dramatic 5 of Cups.


You are right Bean Feasa, this representation does seem to be more fomidable than in many decks. This guy reminds me of Darth Vadar in the Star Wars movies and I think that is why I see him as pretty scary. He appears armoured to the point that nothing will get to him and yet we know this card represents loss and disappointment. I think the armour is a reminder to fight against those depressive feelings.

I like the way that half of the card is darker than the other. The dark clouds throw a darker shadow over one side of the building, whilst the other seems much brighter. The facelessness, I take as a refusal to see what he has got (the two full cups behind him) but also the word expressionless comes to mind which conjures up other words like dull, blank, and unaffected. Is he unaffected by what he has? You could almost say that he doesn't want to be seen, but his armour puts him very much in the material world. Is his armour blocking his emotions? He needs to remember that he is here, on this earth, he has his cups and his possessions and he needs to face up to his life.

This card is a bit of a challenge.

J :)


My Beloved 5 of Cups

The 5 of Cups has always been one of my favorite cards in the RWS, UW, deck. When I see this card in a Reading there is never a feeling of dread. Yes there is a sense of sorrow that I feel for the cloaked figure, but, there is always so much more and such a feeling of hope because of the cups that remain STANDING STILL. I know that sooner or later the cloaked figure will turn around and see what he still has left that is good and positive. I am confident of this; it may take someone tapping him on his shoulder and lifting his heavy heart and head, but, I always feel this will happen.

Now, the 5 of cups in the TOP is quite another matter in the way that I see the card and it moves me. There is EVEN MORE OF A FEELING OF HOPE TO ME in this one. As I see it . . .

The Golem is the PROTECTOR of all that is left, all that is still STANDING in the Querent's life, for good. He is a kind of Angel to the rescue, impenetrable and he is now taking up your cause and will help, aid, shelter you if necessary and what remains of the broken shards of your life. He is there to KEEP and PROTECT and ENSURE that your REMAINING CUPS WILL STAND and he is not about to allow anything or anyone to destroy "them" whatever they may represent to you.

Do the two cups standing represent options, choices that still remain, when you thought you'd run out of options? Are they innocent children that need protection? Do they represent people (friends, family) who still remain by your side, when others (3 cups overturned) have deserted you? Are they filled with the good qualities, that are still left within a battered, beaten down and cynical soul?

The Golem or whatever one chooses to call him, says to your enemies, whether they be your own thoughts or people who would try to bring you down, "I dare you to try to get by me!" Those cups can barely be seen behind him. They seem so small in his wake, so in need of the protection that he can provide. He has arrived in the midst of your storm (the clouds overhead) you have an aide now. What or Who is the force that he represents? Is he your Guardian Angel, someone not of this world, is he your newfound confidence, saying, "I will not take this anymore. I will not suffer this loss anymore, I am better than this." Is he by his presence asking you to put on your whole armor and STAND and fight back if necessary?

No doubt what has been lost has been lost, but, unlike in the RWS version of the 5 of Cups, the Golem does not "look downward," he looks straight ahead or at least appears to be doing so. He certainly is not concentrated on the "loss."

His face is blank for a few reasons, as I see it. For one, he is "everyman," he can be "anyone" he may be you. Another reason is because in order to do what you must do to overcome this tragedy or these unpleasant circumstances and keep your Cups in the game, you will need to go beyond and not depend on the 5 senses, what you can SEE, TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL AND HEAR. Notice that you cannot see his arms or hands, either. There is no evidence that he is using the 5 senses. Why? Perhaps, because his/your weapons and abilities lie in something higher than these. There can be no doubt he is truly capable and powerful. Better days are coming, the Golem has arrived!

Still a favorite. :)



Bean Feasa

Wow, TL2 that's a fantastic take on the 5 of Cups, gives me a whole new opening into the card - thanks a mil. Slice of Irish carrot cake coming up for you :)


This is a wonderful take on this card, thank-you TL2 :)



Bean Feasa and Jewel-ry . . .

And thank you. It is always a good thing when we share our insights into a card and give each other something else to think about; help each other in getting another "slant" on it.

TOP gives us a lot to work with, some depths to "plumb." There are certain cards I look at and don't know where to begin. It really requires me taking time with the cards. Sometimes, I feel them trying to speak volumes and yet, I am all over the place, like I'm trying to get a handle on something in particular, that is evading me. Certain cards are coming through, but, most are saying, there's fruit for you here, but, you will have to dig for it. You know, I'm not speaking of enjoying the cards, that's a given and I love looking at them and I do read with them. But, sometimes like I said a card is like a puzzle that I'm trying to piece together for myself.

It yields information for my Readings, sufficiently, but, to know the cards individually in depth, which is what I want, takes more time. I really have to ponder.

I'm glad we have the TOP Cafe; it definitely helps. It's appreciated. :)





Its good to have you on board! It was your take on the 5 Cups which has spurred me on again, to resume the cafe. I had a look at Temperance last night and want to continue through the deck. This close look at the cards always helps me.

I also feel there is much to be found in this deck and the only way to do that is to spend time with it.

I will try to do another card tonight!



Makes me think of Dart Vador too! But in a more possitive side. Could be a bodyguard.