Tarot of Prague café club 6 of pentacles


A woman giving food at the door of a big building. Investment in a cause? Fighting inequality by helping others. Acting to improve life of other people. At least, she is acting and get important things done.

Bean Feasa

I feel that this depiction of the 6 of Pentacles is quite dark - almost as if the reversed meaning is to the fore. Maybe it's the way the woman donating the bread towers over the cringing figures on the ground. The message I take from this card is that you have to be careful about how you give. Are you giving in order to have a sense of superiority? To fill a gap in your own heart? There's a need to examine your motives. The little, jeering, carved figures at the top of the pillar seem to underline this. They look down on the almsgiving woman just as she looks down on the men she's giving the bread to.
I'm not normally one for picking out a narrative thread between cards, but I'm struck by the similarity of setting and colour-scheme between this card and the 5 of Pentacles. Could this woman be the same woman who was in such extremity of poverty and despair in the other card. I find myself imagining that she is - a twirl of the Wheel of Fortune and there she stands - prosperous, a pillar of the church perhaps - she seems to blend with, and even spring from, the window, where it was high and distant from her in the 5. I find this a very intriguing card.