Tarot of Prague café club 7 of swords


A man holding 5 swords. There is two swords left behind. A thief! Taking a chance? Advantage of the situation? I don't think he had bought the swords. He seems to have served himself.


I pulled this card this morning just as I was on my way out the door to go to the dentist.
I've had some toothache a while and suspected I needed to fix at least two teeth. When I got this card my first reaction was that "oh no, they will not fix all the teeth but will leave some"
and that is just what happened!

I find that this deck often give the answers in a very literal way.
Now of course the card has a deeper meaning then this, but today it told me what I needed to know so I wouldn't be too upset about it.

I'll no doubt make a better post about this card another time, just thought I would share this little story:-D

Angel Star

That is an interesting synchronicty on the 7 of swords about your teeth. I have not read from this deck lately. Basically i have not been reading the tarot much lately. I am in some kind of funk with the tarot but i suspect as summer nears i will get back into the swing of things again.


Yes, I go through phases also. Right now I've been asked to read for several people here and I've tended to put it off. When we are designing a deck there seems to come a point when I don't want to read very much - it's almost as if the new deck overwrites whatever I see. However, I'll get back to it very soon - mainly because I've promised three readings. There aren't so many readers in English here so my problem is that there are always more people wanting readings than I really have time or energy for.

Bring back Madame de Thebes (famous Czech tarot reader of the mid 20th century) I say!

Angel Star

Baba I am still in a funk. But i am slowly coming out of it at the moment. Just so much going on with my kids and summer coming. I must really throw down some cards with the Prague. Maybe that will help. I have gone thru this before but its never been this bad. lol! I think I have exercise and diet on my mind alot also. I just went thru a total life change with food so this is one of the reasons for the funk. Hope you get to do your readings with the Prague soon they are so unique.