Tarot of Prague Café Club - Knight of Pentacles

Bean Feasa

The Knight of Pentacles seems to me to get quite bad press a lot of the time. In many decks he's depicted standing stock-still in a muddy field, looking stodgy, like he's going nowhere fast. And yet he's a character I'm fond of, probably since I associate him with my stoical, loyal, hardworking dad. So I'm delighted to see that his magic is directly visible in the Tarot of Prague. He glitters with the earth's mineral riches - a nice change from all that mud. It's like his true worth is shining through. I was a bit carried away by the purple and gold glory of the Knight of Cups when I first got this deck, but the Knight of Pentacles has really gained ground since then (slowly does it) and has become my favourite Knight.
I love his expression, thoughtful but so-o-o determined. Both his horse and dog look towards the ground as if aware where his power's coming from. The pale grey sky behind him (reminds me of those frustrating, sunfree Irish summer days) and the dark aspect of the two towers suggests that the going can get quite tough for this Knight, he's not someone who gets an easy ride in life. This makes him a sympathetic and thoughtful character; he knows what it's like to have to plod and strive, but he holds that pentacle proudly and he shimmers with crystalline (inner?) beauty, and I have every confidence that his quest will be successful in the long run.

P.S. I wrote the above before I read the entry in the book. It's not very sympathetic to my poor knight, and seems to see him in a different light altogether, but I'm going to stick with my own impression on this one, because it's a strong one!


The horse and rider in this card shimmer with richness. They have an almost mosaic like finish. You can imagine the patience and hard-work that would go into achieving such an effect. I do love the sparkly look to them. It reminds me of the structure of crystals which come from deep in the earth. So hard to imagine that so much beauty can be found so deep in the ground.

The horse and dog bow their heads which indicates loyalty, in fact its almost a submissive feel.

The Knight looks quite imposing sat high on his horse. He holds out his pentacle with an earthy type of honesty. His life is contained within his pentacle indicating that his efforts are focused, that he is goal orientated. He looks solid and dependable.

The day is overcast but has a eerie quality to it. The sun needs to work a little harder to penetrate those clouds. Persistence.

The church in the background contains so many spires that they are difficult to count. When I see spires I always think of the word aspiration. Working to achieve the highest acclaim.

This knight speaks to me of loyalty, dedication, hard work, goals, patience, honesty, and peristence.


Edited to add that I have just read your post Bean Feasa and we obviously see him the same way. I shall go and read the book now!


Yes, we were perhaps a little hard on this knight. The picture may say more than mu words :)

Anyway, just to tell you that I am not going to be around the forum for a while. I really feel that after the events of the last day or two (which resulted in Diana leaving) that I want to also absent myself. I hope things here will right themselves.

Meantime, please email me if you would like a set of Tarot of Prague postcards - let's just forget a competition as I won't be around. So - a free set to anyone who has taken part in this group - and with pleasure! You can email me through the forum. I have about a dozen to give away. In general, do please keep in touch by email. I'm happy to answer any questions.

I will maybe hang around from time to time to see more of the wonderful things you are saying about the cards. Thank-you, it's taught me a huge amount and has been very much appreciated.

I have a journal btw, so you are more than welcome over there (it's on the site at www.bohemian-cats.com - I will add it to the Prague site too when we finally do updates) .

It is pretty laid back and rambles on. I serve cheesecake from time to time :)

I feel like I should now say something like "goodbye and thanks for all the fish" - but that would only apply to certain cards LOL.

All the best!

Bean Feasa

Diana's leaving?
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This is a knight we can depend on. the way the horse, the dog and the knight are makes me feel I could count on them. The building is pretty elaborate. Workers must have worked hard on this building. Makes me think of my step-father. He is really good with working with his hand. He build or renovate house in his hobby time.