Tarot of Prague Café Club - Knight Wands


Well I received the reprint of this deck a few days ago and I quite simply love this card!

In the reprint the colours have been made more vibrant and the astronomical clock is now in several shades of turquoise, yellow and gold. It certainly has a magical quality. He rides his horse, rather flambouyantly above the clouds. The clouds are a silvery white and I think of every cloud having a silver lining. I don't think he can go wrong!

He looks straight ahead - forward. Even his horse cocks his head to one side but looks straight at us. There is a message of determination and achievement. Is the astronomical clock a reminder that time is of the essence? Is the timing right? Perhaps this knight is on a challenge which requires more time? Travelling seems to be hinted at in this card but is this travelling of the physical type or is it a message to explore life or its meaning?

He rides high, straight, and strong, with a magnetism and dynamism that appears to drive him forward. I love the way he walks straight towards us. He wont be swayed from his path.

He is intelligent, his interest in the sciences evident from the clock in the background. He may be an adventurer.

Unlike the Knight of Cups, who seems an imaginative, romantic, almost whimsical type and also appears high in the sky in this deck, the Knight of Wands leads me to think that he is a bit of a wanderer and perhaps doesn't like to be tied down.



This card have a honest feel about it. Nothing to hide. All is straight forward. And there is movement : movement of the horse and the clock seems to be ticking (passing time).