Tarot of Prague Café Club - Page of Pentacles


Hello everyone,

I pulled this card today and was immediately struck by the combination of youth and maturity that are shown in it.

Maturity can be seen in the very old books and the age of the ripened timber in the bookcase. I like the inclusion of the rich wood here as I immediately think of trees and wisdom, books and knowledge. The books must hold a wealth of knowledge, we are told they are old registers of property ownership which links nicely with both the property aspect and the knowledge aspect of this earthy suit.

The page could be male or female but his/her gown is miles too big. As the page, the emphasis is on study, learning and knowledge and as he grows in experience and maturity his gown will fit!

There are opportunities to learn right here but are we receptive? This page is. The looseness of the sleeves of his robe and the cupboards flung wide open, invite us to delve in and absorb all that knowledge. Learning is such a great and important part of our lives, it is exciting but can become obsessive.

His castle looks important to him and makes me think of his ancestral home, perhaps inheritance or something handed down through the generations.

The beautiful Sun pentacle oversees the whole proceedings and smiles contentedly. The Sun a symbol of knowledge, understanding and growth. Life on Earth requires it, either directly or indirectly, in order to thrive.

Overall, a lovely, rich, 'oldie-worldie' card.



I too like this card. I find the expression on the Pgae's face, his almost other worldly wisdom to be indicative that he has that knowledge that supposedly we are born with and is gradually lost to us as we grow older. The books can suggest that he is replacing this inborn knowledge with book knowledge, but at this phase, both are accessible to him.
There is a lovely combination of dreaminess and solidity to this card (via the details which you mentioned)


You know, this is one of the cards in which we did quite a lot of redrawing. In the original, his expression was rather gloomy, and that didn't feel quite right. We made him/her (all our Pages can be read as either male or female - a bit like Shakespeare's boys dressed as girls dressed as boys :) ) less gloomy, but still serious. We tried to give some dreaminess to the expression. By the way, we also very much liked the over-large gown, which was like this in the original. To us, it shows that he is not entirely practical - if he sprang into action he would most likely trip over his hem!


Yes, this Page has a special place for me because of a reading I did for someone one time.
The most introspective of the pages, he is looking at a church, maybe considering his future?
You are right, Karen, I hadn't noticed. His robes are too long, as if they were those of someone older, 'beyond his years'.


This page is really serious-looking! He seems very intense also. I wonder if he made the replica he have in his hand. Or he is studying architecture with miniature models. This card evoque practical knowledge to me.