Tarot of Prague Cafe Club - Queen of Cups


Wow, I can't believe this card hasn't been covered yet. If you don't mind, I'd like to take a stab at it :).

I personally can relate to the Queen of Cups in general (Since I have a very strong Cancer Moon 4th House), but I was really surprised at the ToP version. Normally I see her as emotionally rich, yet guarded.. wanting to protect that oh-so-sensitive heart of hers, yet not wanting to shut off the world completely. I can see a few different perspectives for this unique beauty in the ToP.

The ToP Queen of Cups has the youth of a teenage girl, yet the poise, elegance, and social refinement of a well-cultured, adult woman. What is strange to me is that she is solid gold. On the surface, this would imply her worth (and I cannot argue that she is grand) but I began to wonder if she is using this seemingly superficial facade as a way to protect her emotional fragility. Perhaps her refined and apparently regal nature are to give people the impression she's one to be contended with, while we know with all of that water she's a big softy! Her "movements" are very flowing and graceful as well, if one were to animate the imagine in one's mind. When I look at the blue-green half sea-creature / half human, I see that he's trying to remind her to not forsake her sensitivity for the sake of "adapting" to the harsh and cynical world. He is playing a musical instrument to remind her to enjoy life, dance a little, sing, relax and enjoy the flow of things. The child he's carrying seems to say, "Don't take yourself so seriously, remember your playful inner child." Also a child is a symbol of innocense and the "innocense" in this card is being actively embraced.

Also, maybe the gold is to imply that she is emotionally and intuitively "rich". Perhaps she has mastered the turbulent waters of the soul, is very self-aware, and naturally stands out without shame!

I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on my lovely Queen!


Yes, she has a little of the seriousness of - to me - the RWS Queen of Cups. But there is some wildness and fun there too - as symbolised by the merman and merchild. She is actually situated on Charles Bridge, so right by the water. The original statue was slightly cold and sad - though beautiful - so we overlaid the face of a Czech ballet dancer (a friend of ours teaches ballet here) - which gives a humanity - I think this girl has a really touching, sensitive face.

She is gold more in the sense of "Heart of Gold" than in the monetary sense - but again, this is just how I see her.

Her cup is one of those pieces that Alex is inclined to put in knowing that no-one will ever see the detail on it (it's tiny). I'll try to find the files and post a picture - always a little hard as everything was archived. But worth seeing I think.


When my nephew, Alex, who is 8 years old, looked at that card, he could not stop gazing at her. "Comme elle est belle! C'est la plus belle..." (How beautiful she is! She is the most beautiful!)

I asked him what she made him think of.

"Une princesse mystérieuse, mais pas cruelle" (a mysterious, but not cruel princess) - "une princesse qu'on cherche" (a princess one looks for). And then he added, still rapt, "elle viendra me dire de belles histoires" (she will come and tell me beautiful stories).

Alex has fallen in love with The Queen of Cups! In fact, I have to tell you baba, he has fallen in love with your entire deck. He talks now of going to Prague :)

I also find her alluring, engaging and mysterious, and she speaks to me most specially, for she often comes up as me in a reading, although I am hardly a teenager any more!

The mermaid reminds me of her deep fey power. Not a power of Power, but of grace. And water, of course - I always go to water when I am stressed out and tired. Even washing up will do ;) But rivers are best. That's another reason why I like this card so much - she rises from a river, in the middle of town. She is an urban Queen, but of another world, too - like a river running through a town from a mysterious spring in the mountains, that flows down to the all-encompassing sea.


This is a very beautiful queen of cups! I made a connection with this queen than I haven't had with other queens of cups from other decks.

This queen have expression and she is connected with her emotions. She seems to have a lot of imagination. She seems to be a big romantic. It would be great to ask her advice for emotional topic.