Tarot of Prague Café Club - Seven of Cups

Bean Feasa

When I look at this card the phrase 'child in a sweetshop' comes to mind. All those elaborate options popping out of the cups look like they're made of whatever jellybabies are made of- I can almost taste those pastelly colours, full of E-numbers, but sooo sweet! Even the guy halfheartedly reaching towards the cup with the castle popping out of it looks like he could be made of gingerbread, painted and glazed.
The question that comes to mind is - this is all very tempting but is any of it actually good for him. Has he conjured these up, or are they real choices? I think they might be actual options that he has embellished so much they're more fantasy than fact. The energy of this card is scarily dissipated, look how the cups are literally 'spaced out' all over the card. I think it's interesting that there's no ground beneath the main character's feet. I would regard this card as a warning to stop, and take stock. Sit down and do a swat analysis. Look before you leap.
The book tells us that "five of the 'fairy favours' springing from the cups are taken from the top cornice of the section of the Clementium Monastery that faces onto Krizovnicka Street' and that '... they are some of the most eccentric and amusing in Prague.' I think they are a quirky comment on the power of the human mind to lose the run of itself conjuring up all sorts of delightful but probably insubstantial possibilities.


Hi Bean feasa,

I like the Jellybaby analogy!

When I look at this card, everything including the man is 'up in the air'. I look at him and I think of fantasy, in fact I think of the coach driver in the Walt Disney 'Cinderella' video. You almost expect the fairy godmother to come out with her magic wand and bibbadee-bobbadee-boo!

His life is a fantasy. He looks ungrounded (he's walking on air, as you can see!). This card can be seen as temptation, with a warning to look carefully and make sure you choose what you really need. I also think of saying 'yeah and pigs might fly'. There are clouds though and they normally show that everything isn't quite as it should be. The way he holds his right hand out out and and holds his heart with his left hand makes him look as if his heart will break if he doesn't get what he wants. A hearts desire feel. He cant float around up there forever, at some time he will come down to Earth with a bump!

J :)

Bean Feasa

Hi Jewel-ry,
Thanks for bringing attention to the man's pose, I hadn't really looked at it - was so busy studying those tempting cups :D
I thought initially he looked rather half-hearted, but on closer scrutiny I think you're right, he does look "like his heart will break if he doesn't get what he wants" - a dangerous position to be in, isn't it? It also struck me that he looks as if he might over-reach himself, the idea of an over-extended, not very well-researched or founded business comes to mind.
All in all there are quite a lot of warning lights in this card, aren't there?


This card look like a dream. Or of wish dreaming. The person here seems to go for his preference. The castle is a place to be safe and a place to live in.

Little Baron

Too many options and distractions here, I feel.

When I look at the card, I think of shopping. I am terrible. I can think of so many things in a day that I believe I need. And in reality, which this man is not, I need none of them.

So it might be a warning to return to the ground. It might suggest we think about what is really important and what is not. Are we only interested in the surface prettiness of something - do we need to find substance. Are we neglecting what is important?


Little Baron

Thinking about it a bit more on the train this morning, could it be about staying focused? Emotions all over the place; not being able to keep your mind tailored to just the one thing?

It has been a while since I have used RWS imagery, so a bit shakey.