Tarot of Prague - General Comments


Hi, all:

I need a place to just say stuff; whatever comes to mind re: this wonderful and eccentric deck. Perhaps, others may feel the need also. I didn't want to choose the Thread re: about starting a study group on ToP.

Anyway, right now I just want to say how much I enjoy this group and this deck, but, I for one am slow about posting because the cards really require thought. Before I can post about a card, I have to go through my deck and see which one wants to talk. Also, I usually post on a card and only AFTERWARDS do I read what others had to say re: this card. I usually try to give place to my thoughts/feelings about a card BEFORE I look at the rest because I don't want to be too influenced by what others have said.

What's really great about doing it this way (for me) is that after I have posted and I go back to read other people's observations on the card, it is so cool to see the similarities in view as well as, the different slants. There is always something that I didn't even notice or that did not stand out to me, as it did someone else, but, once I see it, it becomes a part of the card for me. It may come back to me in a Reading later or it may stay in the background, but, it has definitely been added to the mix. It's great to incorporate or consider the myriad aspects gleaned from the same card.

Very rich.



Good idea! My deck should arrive in a week or so, can't wait. One of the reasons I wanted this deck is because of the Moon card, I adore it :)


Hi TL2, great idea for a thread!

These in depth studies are crucial to the understanding of the cards. I love to read what others say as well. It always throws a different angle on the card. I still continue to contribute here but not as often as I used to. It always helps if others are posting too though! It helps to keep the momentum going.

TA ~The Moon is one of my favourite cards ever, it has so many layers. I have it postcard size as well, which is much bigger. I may frame it one day. I'm sure you will love this deck. It is quite special imo.



Yes, the deck is gorgeous! There is a lot on the cards. It must have take a lot of work to come with that result.

It was definitively a must have in my tarot collection.


Yes, the Momentum . . .


Absolutely. When people are posting, it does keep the momentum going and the energy flowing. What's interesting about these study groups is that people are discovering, either, the study group or the deck itself at different times. When this group began, I don't know where I was or if I even had the deck, but, I don't think so. Anyway, there is the ebb and flow.


I'm glad you will be joining the ToP study group. I have found that the deck is easy to read with and lends so much depth, however, when posting about a card (by itself) I really have to wait on the cards to talk. Right now, there are certain cards that I love to look at, but, I don't think I have anything cohesive to say. It would be hard to put into words. I have to really apply myself with this deck. Once I do that, as with all the participants in the groups, I think I (we) become more "one with our deck."

I agree. I love the Moon in this deck. It's one that hasn't led me to post yet; I'm waiting on her. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)



Jewel-ry said:
TA ~The Moon is one of my favourite cards ever, it has so many layers. I have it postcard size as well, which is much bigger. I may frame it one day. I'm sure you will love this deck. It is quite special imo.
J, I have a print of it :D



May I join you for a cup of coffee? This study group is a wealth of valuable and interesting information. I applaud the amount of work and effort it has taken to create such a wonderful cafe. I appreciate how respectful you are to each other and I promise to show the same. This is such a beautiful deck. So many ideas spring to mind with each card. I have been pulling one or two cards each night to study and apply to the next day. I've been reading everyone's different takes on the cards and find them fascinating and enlightening. I'm going to rush off and bake a carrot cake.




Please do join us!

I had intended to post about another card a couple of weeks ago but life has been so busy. I always come back to this study group though. Perhaps we should do a card a day and post our own reflections. What do you think?



I got my deck last week and book: First Edition, very happy indeed. One thing I know is that there is a lot to say in this deck :)

Oh and I think the book is wonderful :D

Edited to add: jewel-ry great idea, although for just now I am really into my Faeries Oracle daily draw and Let's Marseilles and healing thread.

I think it will be something to participate in for the New Year :D


Thank you Jewel-ry for the warm welcome. Reflections on a card a day would be fun. I have a ToP deck, but not the book. Is it possible to purchase the book separately?