Tarot of Prague - throwing down the gauntlet!

Bean Feasa

Following a wonderful reading Moongold did for me in the Reading Exchange, I’m trying to bring aspects of the Knight of Swords into my life. SO…

Here comes Bean Feasa on a big black charger, galloping towards you all at full speed, horse's nostrils flaring and eyes rolling, BF’s nostrils flaring and eyes rolling. And she’s pointing her flashy, pointy sword at you – yes YOU!- and she’s demanding to know – (DEMANDING I tells ye!)


Eh? Eh?
Answer me that, varmints!

Oops, now BF’s reverted to type, finds herself standing in the middle of the road, no horse (she’s never been on one in her life) and no sword. But guess what...

She STILL wants to know the answer to the question!

So how about it folks?!?


excuses, excuses...

Hey Bean Feasa!
*Firemaiden eyes gauntlet with suspicion *
Suggestions for groups normally go in the "General Study Group" Forum, and anyone can start one. So you can be the official group starter, and begin proposing threads, one at a time, and opening discussions of cards in any order and manner you wish. When your group has accumulated a large number of threads, you will eventually get your own forum.

I have this deck and love it, but personally I don't feel the need for a study group, because

1) Karen's book on the deck basically tells me all I need to know, and
2) because I am dedicating my own efforts to the Margarete Petersen Tarot, for which, unlike the Tarot of Prague,
-- a) there is no big book,
-- b) the little (aubergine) book is all in German,
-- c) her text is cryptic even when translated, and
-- d) because the art itself, being somewhat abstract, really demands discussion.

To put a lot of energy into studying a deck, for myself, I need to feel that the work is not duplicated elsewhere. However this site is all about sharing, and since so many of us really adore the Tarot of Prague, it might be fun to have a group as a kind of admiration society, in which to share our enthusiasm for and experiences with the deck.

Bean Feasa

Hi Firemaiden,

Sorry 'bout that, thought I read somewhere on a thread in the General study groups that the initial suggestion should be posted here. Feel free to move this if you like.
Thanks for the info on how it all works, I looked at some of the other study groups, but couldn't quite figure it out.
I never really thought about how the book's being so good might mean there's less of a need for a study group. Hmm, BF wonders now if she's been too hasty altogether.
I like your idea of the admiration/sharing experiences society. Maybe something lighthearted but serious at the same time!!
I don't know - I'll leave this suggestion open for a wee while, shall I, either here or in the study groups forum if that's where it's moved to, just to see what people think.



Hi Kate,

I think it will be nice to discuss some of the cards. I love the admiration society idea, however....havnt got mine yet. Its sat in a cupboard upstairs, in this very house, just waiting for Santa to wrap it and give it :( So i shall have to wait until xmas day (because of course you'll all be here sharing your xmas experiences wont you????)

J. :)


Never mind me, don't let me discourage you... its just my excuses :D (I mean... you asked for excuses, didn't you :p)

Bean Feasa

'Spose I did, now that you mention it! Well you know what they say, be careful what you ask for 'cos you just might get it ;) K.


Bean Feasa, I've really been wondering about the T. of P. study group myself . . . seems like I've been waiting for months, expecting it to happen, expecting it to happen . . .

Regarding the study vs. admiration quandry, I think possibly meditative/personal responses . . . even creative responses! to the cards themselves would be great . . . just a very loosely structured place to talk about the cards, in whatever way they inspire us to talk about them . . . That's the sort of group I'd like to be involved in. --I would very much like that, yes indeed I would. But I do see that a 'what does this card really mean'-type study group could too easily, in this case, turn into a regurgitation of baba's book . . . which would certainly be pointless.

Perhaps if we all agreed beforehand not to do that, & just--wrote snippets spontaneously & freely, in response to specific cards, & to other participants' spontaneous & free snippets . . . Now, wouldn't that be fun? --Wouldn't it???

Bean Feasa

That sounds really good Punchinella, and pretty much along the lines I was thinking about.
Anyone else?


Definately..... after xmas.

J :)


Great idea people! Share meditations for the cards or just thoughts and feelings! I'll be there.