Tarot of Prague - throwing down the gauntlet!


Okay guys, I'm ready! I've moved my deck up nearer the computer . . . & it even has new clothes to wear, thanks to cjtarot . . . (a lovely &, from the dignified T.o.P. perspective, wonderfully goofy wizard-bag in emerald green . . . )


Another one joining in.

My Tarot of Prague just came by mail today --- its a Christmas present from my wife so I, like others, will have to wait a few weeks to join in. But, I have seen the deck; another in our Tarot Circle has it. The cards are stunning, the changes from the RWS decks seem to be well thought out. Dave.

Bean Feasa

quote from Punchinella's post
Okay guys, I'm ready! I've moved my deck up nearer the computer . . . & it even has new clothes to wear, thanks to cjtarot . . . (a lovely &, from the dignified T.o.P. perspective, wonderfully goofy wizard-bag in emerald green . . . )

Wayhay - go for it Punchinella! Divest those cards of their green glad-rags (sounds fun, mine are in snooty royal blue silk with gold embroidery) and get posting!!

I'm offline at weekends, but I'll probably write something up and post it on Monday. Let's see if we can get the ball rolling. The threads might be a bit slender until the Christmas giftees come onstream, but sure there's no harm in trying, now is there?

:) :) :)


Uh-oh, you mean you want ME to start post(s)--eeeeks, oh my gosh, I hadn't thought of doing such a thing (never done it before) . . . eeeeeeeeeeeek


Em, er . . . 5 or so hours have passed since that last post & I'm feeling a wee bit more brave . . . just out of curiosity, is there some method in the way these groups work (like, should I start with any card in particular, or just jump in as the fancy strikes me?? --& how about threads--do I start a new thread for each card, or just continue on in this one?? Sorry but I'm new at this!)




they say if a study gets ove a certian number of posts and interests,
that is when it get its own forum .

in the meantine,
it usally starts with some sort of contents , and outline,
then the first part goes , and the second part into its own thread.
when it has lots of threads,
a source thread by the study group mover and shaker, usally starts a source thread that has a link to all the other threads and a description as to where and what it goes and does.

anyone can start a study group but it requires a lot of work,
and some group fade out due to lack of interest i know for i was the only one studying the jungian tarot eheh


Okay well, everybody, here's what Bean Feasa & I worked out last week via pm: we don't feel inspired by the idea of structure (table of contents, formulaic study, etc. etc.) . . . Instead, how about a 'Tarot of Prague Appreciation Society & Cafe Club' (B.F., is that what you called it?) --In which we're free to write just whatever we feel like writing, at whatever time we feel like writing it?? I LOVE this idea, however, I've been meditating all week on the 5 of Pentacles, thinking about writing, & never actually getting around to it because I don't know where to put what I write . . . I think perhaps one thread per card would be reasonable, though, so tonight or tomorrow I think I'll start a thread called:

T. of Prague Cafe Club--5 of Pentacles

--if that's okay with everyone? Then, if anyone has anything to say about that particular card, they can join me there, or start another thread of their own on a different card of choice.


I'll be gone for a few hours, so we'll see if any naysayers appear between now & the time I return . . . if not, off I charge on my own foaming steed . . .


Hi all

Hope I haven't stepped on toes here, but I've started a new thread on the Ace of Wands. Anyone like to join me?

Moonbow* :)


After a month of suffering from adult ADD, I find myself on these forums again. It is nice to see a discussion group of the TOP deck. I purchased this deck in the fall (actually I purchased a backup as well, I love it so much) and it remains my favorite deck, even though I have purchased several since then.

I tend to migrate toward RWS symbol decks and everything about this deck appeals to me. After reading a couple of the threads on specific cards, it continues to amaze me how complex the symbolism is and how many different interpretations can be pulled from each card. Discussing each card in detail is essential for this deck IMHO. I look forward to reading and participating in each.



Oh yeah Dan, oh for the time to write on every card for which a thread now exists! I (sort of) started the cafe club, & then--life happened, so I've been absent ever since. I do so want to write about six of swords though . . .

Lately, T. of P. card-for-the-day has literally pulled me out of bed in the morning, every morning . . . The deck's just out of reach (deliberately so) . . . :D