Tarot of Prague - throwing down the gauntlet!


Do we start with Ace of wands or stop there..??

Moonbow* said:
Hi all

Hope I haven't stepped on toes here, but I've started a new thread on the Ace of Wands. Anyone like to join me?

Moonbow* :)
I am not sure what happened to the study group, i.e if there is an organized one for this deck...! I have seen a few scattered threads here and there only.
I have received my deck/book set today, and I can hardly contain
my excitement.


Hi Feebie,

As punchinella said, she was one of the ones who started this group. As it stands at present, there are posts in this general study forum about:

7 Cups
8 Cups
Queen Penacles
Queen Swords
6 Swords
Ace Wands
5 Pentacles

We have no order, we are just adding to posts or starting new ones if a different card inspires us. Feel free to join in. We would like everyones opinions on these cards as there is so much to see in them.

J :)


and I just throw in something if and when it seems useful. Just reading the threads is incredibly exciting to me - it's a strange experience seeing the cards come to life and gain an independence.

By the way, I mentioned on another thread that I did a reading in which I was suddenly struck by the likeness between the woman in the Five of Pentacles and the Nine. Why had I not seen this before? It's this kind of thing that can be startling.

Prague is - as you've gathered, a truly strange place (what was walking on our roof in the snow early this morning - loud enough to wake me up? I'm almost sure it was an eagle - but Alex, half-awake, said "no, no, it's a spirit" - then rolled over and went back to sleep!) - from time to time we find out more about the elements we used, or simply understand more.

Anyway, that's just a ramble really, but rambling may be the best way to comment on the cards at times.


Yes baba, rambling here is just the thing isn't it . . . Feebie, this was why we originally opted for a 'cafe club' rather than a more official/organized study group. Tarot of Prague is just so lyrical, so fluid, that for me at least rigid 'study' feels a bit ridiculous . . . a bit like overkill . . . there's nothing definite to say about the cards that the cards themselves don't already say--you know what I mean?? On the other hand: I very much wanted a place where I & others could respond creatively, intuitively, personally, etc. etc. etc. to the deck. So don't worry about starting w/ Ace of Wands--start just wherever the fancy strikes you, write what you want, when you want . . . :) ???


Bean Feasa

Hi Feebie,
Yes please do join in, anywhere you like as Punchinella says, and we'll shuffle through the cards and come and chat with you. Or add in to the threads that exist - thanks for listing them Jewel-ry :). My intentions fell by the wayside recently, but I'm hoping to post some more on this gorgeous deck this week. Away we go!!


I am still looking through the cards, sort of aquainting myself with them, and reading from the book, but have not done a card reading yet.
But I will sure post any ideas and/or queries as soon as I have some.


Feebie said:
I am still looking through the cards, sort of aquainting myself with them, and reading from the book, but have not done a card reading yet.
But I will sure post any ideas and/or queries as soon as I have some.

That brings up a good point - has anybody here done any readings with this deck yet? I hope to soon (my Morgan Greer, which I recently purchased in NYC has been eerily accurate as of late).

If you've done any readings, how did you fare?



Oh yeah Dan, readings with ToP are silky-smooth & soft. I kept the deck on hold for a couple of months after recieving it, daunted in a way by the extreme beauty etc., but now I use it ALL THE TIME as my deck of choice. My mother also refuses to read with anything else. It's rich but absolutely clear (simple) at the same time. --Give it a try & let us know what you think!


P.S. (Well knowing that I have another spare copy unopened in a drawer downstairs helps me to go ahead & shuffle those cards . . . although, I must admit, something in me ALWAYS hesitates at the thought of damaging them . . . )


Punch -

Thank you. I have a feeling I will be doing a reading soon. I know what you mean about the shuffling. I bought a spare deck for the same reasons. I am not so much afraid for myself, but I have a feeling I will only use it with people I trust (family, my Tarot Circle members).



I got immersed reading the meaning of a card a day from the book,and then got into 3 card readings pretty fast..
I can't believe how informative this book is; it goes into such minute details, and is clearly written, and for a novice like me, it is like " I see...., so this is it..", and it is not only helpful to understand the particular images from this deck, but it also helped me 'get' it at last with other images/decks as well
Now I can 'intuitively' understand almost any card, with rarely having to go back and forth to a book like I did previously.
It is a treasure of book. Thank you Karen