Tarot of Prague - throwing down the gauntlet!


Well, I finally did my first REAL reading with the ToP deck. Two observations:

1) This is my favorite deck, bar none, in terms of symbolism. I eagerly anticipate my copy of the Golden Tarot because of the beautiful artwork of the Middle Ages, but the ToP is so well thought out and everytime I look at a card, something new pops out at me.

2) My only complaint - I have said this before in another thread, but I had feared the card stock would be too easy to damage by the average "non-Tarot" appreciating audience. The reading I did was an on-line one which meant that it was up to me to shuffle the deck. I had no problem with the shuffling aspect, but the "riffling" (I have used playing cards most of my life) was a little tough because the card stock was tougher than I was used to. Luckily for me, I have spent alot of time at blackjack tables, so I was able to employ their methods.

I am still not sure what card stock would be perfect for this deck. I do like the feel of the cards, but I will see how it goes the first time I read for a person who shuffles the deck themselves. Karen, I am eagerly anticipating your new deck (Bohemian Cat). Are you planning on the same card stock from these? No matter what, I plan on purchasing the deck.



Yeah Dan, I like the feel of the cards too but something about the edges worries me . . . they're not the same as regular commercial-stock cards, & I feel that the edges could ding up rather easily if I am not careful (some of them have already started to--which is distressing, since soon I might start to know which card I'm picking when I fan out the deck, based on where the dings are . . . )

Perhaps ToP 2nd edition will be on more standard stock, which will allow us to use/abuse the deck while still reserving our 1st ed. copies as art treasures . . .