Tarot of Vampyres: The Fool


The eye make up- a bit Pierrot, a bit Alice Cooper, a bit Crow? - he's playing, he's serious, he doesn't know which.

his impossible stance reminds us that this glowing figure is not human. He's stretching his body from the delight of finding himself in it! In vampire stories, its akin to the first day of being a vampire & realising you have those new abilities & your body is transformed.
in regular tarot, its the beginning, the new born child, the first step of the journey.

His pose is shadowed, echoed by the raven..I think their relationship is crucial to how the card is interpreted at the time of the reading. For instance, is he the raven? is he turning into the raven? dreaming of ravens? copying the raven? dancing with the raven? etc.

Whatever seems right is pivotal (for me) to understanding what is meant by the card. It changes from reading to reading.


I'm just adding a scan of the card.


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