Tarot Study Groups Guidelines - PLEASE READ


Welcome to the Tarot Study Group forum.

If you have a favorite deck that you'd like to study starting a group is very easy.

1. First - use the SEARCH feature to check whether a group already exists.

2. Check the Index of study groups - if your group has an index you'll be able to click on the link and you'll be there.

3. A group can be restarted simply by posting in one of the original threads.

4. If there is no existing study group for your deck start a thread to see how many people are interested.

5. Once you have a few replies decide how you'd like to continue.

6. Most groups work through the deck card by card - Majors, minors or court cards first - it's up to you.
Every now and then there is an exception to this rule and a group may want to study Majors together or Minors together.
If you have any questions, just contact the Study Groups moderators and I'm sure we can work something out.

7. Start a new thread for every card you study; anyone can start a new thread, it doesn't have to be left to just one person.

8. Once your group has got going one of the study group moderators will make an index of the threads, it can then be added to the main index.

9. Groups that remain very active for a sustained period of time may become eligible for their own sub-forum in the Individual Deck Studies area.

10. PLEASE let the Tarot Study group moderator / moderators know by private message when you have started a new thread in one of the study groups so that it can be added to the index.

11. Have fun :)


Sulis xx
moderator - General Study Groups


A quick note about copyright

In study groups it is often beneficial to quote from the book which accompanies a deck or from other published material.
Please see point 5 in the forum guidelines

When quoting please remember a couple of points:

1. Keep quotations short - not more than a couple of lines.
2. Always credit the scource of the quote and the author.
3. If you want to quote more than a couple of lines at a time you must get permission from the author.



Sulis xx


A quick note about bumping

We fully encourage members to post in existing Study Groups even if there is a long time lapse. Please ensure though, that when bumping an old study group that the content of the post includes something which adds to the study.

Bumping threads with one-liners is against the forums rules and these posts may be removed by moderators. There is also no need to bump all threads in a study group as there is an index at the top of the forum where all of the threads can be easily found.


Moonbow* and Sulis


PLEASE READ - Study Group forum, new guidelines

Readings for practice with a specific deck are being trialed within the Study Group forum, provided the following is met:

~ The reading is not an exchange for the purpose of reading for another member, (which should be posted in the Reading Exchange forum).

~ The reading is not one where the poster is 'only' interested in an interpretation of their reading, (which should be posted in Your Readings forum); instead of the main focus which is the deck study.

~ The reading/s is consistent with studying the specified deck, and therefore any discussion and dialogue in the thread should be for that reason.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the participants in a deck study have the full opportunity to study the deck in a reading sense, as well as an individual card study. For that reason we will not accept readings that would be better suited in Reading Exchange, Reading Circles or Your Readings.

The main focus of any reading in this forum must be that of investigating, consideration, and acquiring knowledge through practical study.


Sulis and Moonbow*