Tarot Under Gypsies and The Romany People


Does anyone have Historical Info on the Romany People or Gypsies Background with the Tarot?
I'm aware of the fact it was first used in France as a normal card game, The at some point in time it moved to the gypsies and was then used as a divination tool. But things like important people, places or event furthering the value of these sacred cards would be helpful thanks. :D


Your question is addressed in Dummett, Decker and Depaulis: "Wicked Pack of Cards". A good book, likely difficult to get.


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Thank you so much :) I will check those out I'm jobless and have no money but I will be sure to check the local libraries for those titles, Thank you! :D I truly appreciate it :D


Most evidence suggests tarot wasn't used by Gypsies until fairly recently -- some 19th century occultists claimed the tarot was brought into Europe by the Gypsies (associating Gypsies with Egytians) -- and some Gypsies then took the ball and rolled with it (added it to their repertoire after occultists erroneously associated it with them).


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Really? Wow now I really wanna know! XD Sounds like theirs a bit of scandal going on! :D
This is gunna be a worth while research topic! :D

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If I am not mistaken, there is a suggestion that the Romany people actually came out of India. But you might wanna double check that.