Tarots- History Art Magic by Vitali and Zanetti



This is truly a fabulous work.

I have just received today the Catalogue of the Exhibit by the Edizioni LE TAROT.

189 pages of spendid illustrations annotated illustrating the text.

Presentation in Italian with the English translation in regard.

Magnificient ...

Just printed :

Giugno 2006 !

I Tarocchi
Storia Arte Magia dal XV al XX secolo

Tarots - History Art Magic
from XV to XX century

Forword of :
Donatino Domini
Director of Classense Library of Ravenna

Preface of :
Franco Cardini
Medieval History, University of Florence

Alain Bougearel

Nota bene

English text available on the web with some illustrations on :


Contact :

Adam McLean

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of this book ?

I tried Unilibro and La Bancarella but could not find it on their lists.

Adam McLean

Adam McLean

I cannot seem to find this book in any Italian

Can you please tell me the ISBN ?



This book has no ISBN because it is only sold while the Exhibit.

This is why only a direct command private can be done .

Try the contact I've given or write directly to Vitali...

(His mail is on the Contact I gave).



Adam McLean

Okay. I understand. I thought it was a published
book. Now I realise that it is an exhibition catalogue.
I will contact them directly as you suggest.




We now have the exact shipment expenses:

Italy and Europe Euro 8,00 + Euro 1 envelope
Australia " 11,70 + Euro 1 envelope
Americhe " 8,70 + Euro 1 envelope
Asia " 8,70 + Euro 1 envelope

Paiement by Credit Bank Card : Visa master etc

To order contact me on :

alainbougearel@club.lemonde .fr