TdM during the French Revolution? (1770 to 1800)



I am new here. I use tarot for personal development and learned with the RWS. I became interested in the TdM after watching StarSeed's YouTube videos about the Marseilles deck. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Since I am also a student of the American War for Independence and the French Revolution, I would like to purchase a reproduction Marseilles deck that might have been popular during that time period. I'm not looking for a vintage deck. I just don't have the $$$ and I would be terrified of ever touching it. ;)

So far, I have found the Camoin deck, which is strikingly beautiful even though it's not a perfect reproduction. I'll be purchasing that one unless someone can convince me there's a better choice.

Thank you lovely ladies and gents!


Some other versions of the TdM

Any number of members will have deeply held opinions.

My favorite version is the restoration of the Jean Noblet Tarot made by Jean-Claude Flornoy
9782914820073 this is hard to shuffle

Just acquired a non-restored copy of the Jean Noblet published by Joseph H. Peterson 9780692660683 the images are not "clean" but it shuffles well.

Tarot de Marseille printed by Heron (My former favorite prior to Flornoy restoration)

CBD Tarot De Marseille 9789655555523

Tarot de Marsella Robledo Rio IIII 9789569716010

Accademia dei Tarocchi Le Tarot de Marseille --very easy to shuffle

Tarot de Marseille by Kevin Meunier 9782897335045

Pax et Bonum



Thank you conversus. This has opened up a whole new realm of TdM decks for me. My heart is fluttering right now! I was drawn to the CBD TdM, but it looks like it is currently unavailable. :(

Yves Le Marseillais

Wider choice of Tarot of Marseille pattern


I suggest you to go to my own Tarot Gallery firstly and then look at historical tarot decks I provide.


Here are some pics from:

Nicolas Conver 1760

Pierre Madenié 1709

Claude Burdel 1751

Nicolas Conver 1760 Minors package

You are starting a long journey and only half opened the door of time.

Salutations from Marseille City



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