TdM Reading Circle ~ March 2015


Dear TdM lovers,

Welcome to the next round of our Circle. :D As usual, we have a suggested spread and a challenge (see below).

Sign-up list

Partners list
inanna_tarot & UrbanBramble - Complete! :royal:
3ill.yazi & pacificwaters - Complete! :royal:

- Sign-up is CLOSED
- Sign-up closes and reading partners to be assigned on: 11th March
- Reading and feedback to be completed by: 31st March

This month's suggested spread:
Eoin's Insight Spread

3...this card is rotated 90 degrees clockwise, like card 2 in the Celtic Cross*
2...this card is also rotated 90 degrees clockwise*

*Those two cards might be placed as usual (i.e. vertically), especially if you're not going to do the Challenge part.

The Meanings:

Card #1 = You at the moment, your current state - beliefs, fears, concern about the situation.

Card #2 = That which is beyond your control. This card indicates what you should let go of and stop worrying about.

Card #3 = That which is within your control. This card indicates what you should focus on in order to get through the situation.

You are also free to choose your own spreads, with a minimum of three cards. I'm leaving the links to the spreads from the last exchanges in here for reference - if you want to do the same spread please see with your reading partner which one you both like: Fibonacci spread (Posts 8 and 9), Compass spread, Tirage en Croix, Dynamic Hexagramme spread, Comte de Mellet spread, Chronata's spread


Note: Challenge is an additional task for those who'd like to try something new and experiment with alternative reading methods. It is in no way compulsory and can be done by only one of the partners in an exchange (or neither!), according to their wishes and agreement.

The following explanations are also part of the original spread, but I'm placing them in the Challenge section because they offer a curious twist to the interpretations and might inspire you to explore and experiment further.

The Card Orientations and Momentum:

Card #1 is oriented vertically, representing movement in one of two possible directions - forward or backward. If Card #1 is upright, this indicates forward momentum toward that which is within your control and thus toward a solution. It indicates that your current feelings are either on target or are/will be helping you toward the best solution. If Card #1 is reversed, then this indicates backward momentum toward that which is beyond your control. You need to reevaluate where you are, your beliefs about the situation and the focus of your concern, in order to start moving toward a solution.

Card #2 is oriented horizontally, rotated 90 degrees as is card #2 in the CC. This orientation indicates that this card represents a destination toward which you (Card #1) may or may not be headed. If the top of the card in the #2 position is pointing to the right, then this indicates that the forces beyond your control are exerting an overall positive influence on your situation. If the top of Card #2 is pointing to the left, then this indicates an overall negative influence. In either case, Card #2 represents forces beyond your control, that which you should let go of and redirect your focus and energy away from in order to find resolution.

Card #3 is also oriented horizontally, in the same manner as Card #2. The orientation represents a destination as well. If this card is upright (the top pointing to the right after rotation) then this also indicates an overall positive influence on your situation and suggests that very little or no changes should be made. If Card #3 is reversed (pointing left) then this indicates a negative influence and suggests that some action needs to be taken to reverse the polarity in order to reach resolution.

Have fun! :D

Please make your feedback as detailed as possible so your reading partner can benefit from it. It is NOT about how you would read the cards your partner drew for you within your personal system of reading the Tarot de Marseille, but about how your partner read the cards for you within his/her system. So please let your partner know how well you could relate to the reading, if there are things you didn't understand ("How did you arrive at this interpretation?" etc), what was accurate and what wasn't.. Constructive criticism on things that didn't hit the mark are welcome, too! All in a friendly and respectful learning way of course!

The TdM Exchange is a friendly and fun place to share and develop our reading skills with Tarot de Marseille decks, other historic decks with non-scenic pips and Tarot de Marseille inspired modern decks. If you aren't sure if you have a deck that is suited, just ask. If you decide to read with a deck that your sitter does not have, please post pictures of the cards you drew so everybody can follow.

Pips reading methods:
There are a lot of different reading methods of the Tarot de Marseille and especially the pips. These are all equally welcome and all ok. If you don't know where to start, check the forum index (especially the thread on "Reading Methods" - and don't be shy or scared by the non-scenic pips, just jump on right in!) In order to make this a fruitful learning experience for the reader, the sitter and everybody following the exchange, please take the time to explain what method you are using for the pips. Links to threads here on the forum explaining the method or single cards are most welcome.

Please share the process of your reading, not only the results. And please take the time and effort (as most people do anyway) to write more than a line on each card. Tell your partner what your interpretation is based on, what you saw, what brought you to the conclusions. The more detail, the more everybody will learn!

If anybody has a problem completing their reading or feedback, please please please get in touch with your reading partner and myself. It's not nice to be left hanging in an exchange - and whoever is NOT completing an exchange he or she signed up for (and especially fails to communicate about it) will not be allowed to sign up again until it is completed - and in worst case even risks a three months ban from all reading exchanges.

If there should be any problems, feel free to contact me and I will try to sort it out, with the help of a moderator if necessary.

(Of course the Reading Exchange Posting Guidelines apply for this exchange as well - and there are some good tips for feedback etc in that post!)

Wishing everyone a happy exchange! :party:


Me please :)


I would like to sign up.


I'll have a go, please.


Welcome everyone! :D


Sounds interesting..I am in


The partners' list for this month is:

inanna_tarot & UrbanBramble
3ill.yazi & pacificwaters

Whoever sees the list first, please, start the exchange thread in the Reading Circles area and then let your partner know in order to avoid double threads. Then please leave the link to your thread in this thread, and I'll add it to the first post for easy reference.

Enjoy your exchanges! :party: