Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Spread


See the next post for an all new version of this spread!


I dug this one out the other day and thought it needed some work. So here's a fully revised version for you enjoyment. And check out the color version attached. It might make it easier to see what I'm trying to do here. Hope it works for you!

Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Spread
Revised June 12, 2017

This spread is based on the tea leaf reading method described in the book, Tea-Cup Reading and Fortune-Telling by Tea Leaves by A Highland Seer, which combines probability with timing. Symbols closer to the cup handle represent things more likely to occur, and symbols at the rim show something coming soon, with the sides and bottom showing later occurrences.


Lay cards out in number order:
1 is the bottom of the cup.
2 to 5 are the sides.
6 to 13 are the rim.
6 is the handle position (for a right-handed person).

Read in letter order:
a (6, 7, 13). Will happen soon
b (8, 12). Might happen soon
c (9, 10, 11). Won’t happen soon
d (2, 5). Will happen later
e (1). Might happen later
f (3, 4). Won’t happen later


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