Tea Leaf oracle Study Thread


I wonder if I'm getting Mountain because I'm exhausted. It's difficult to live when you need twelve hours of sleep a night. It's certainly a challenge!

Sunrise could be some projects that I'm working on at my placement - a poster, and a party.
Harp - my friend put together a bike rack for me, and my partner paid for it! Now I have bikes vertically stored up one wall, rather than scattered down two hallways (where it was easy to catch myself on them). Yay! Feather could be that same friend.

Keep us updated if your interps are right :) Very sweet of your friend and your partner.

Thanks! Like you I've a lot going on.
I'm thinking that Harp is correct. Sunrise + Mountain could be the difficulty of going to school, and working as well. However, there's always something new and exciting going on! I suspect that Mountain Road is a part of that. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I sort of wonder if they'll hire me on in the spring.

Feather is more likely that friend's partner. She flakes on me sometimes, and that happened a few days ago.


Jug - Chair Empty - Cracked Cup
Lighthearted, carefree time because of dissatisfaction leaving my life

Hand - Yoke - Dolphin
In need of help/assistance with feeling tied down/frustrated pertaining to financial gain.

Scissors - Carriage - Ring
Disappointment in a journey about a relationship (business or romantic)

Dog close up - Egg - Shark
Pleasure with a close friend because of successful plans incur material loss.

Club - Rabbit - Cobweb
club-doing something against your better judgement
cobweb-Protection against negative energy
Doing something against your better judgement pertaining to sex, but you are protected from negative energy.

Quill - Fly - Grapes
Quill- foundation, getting back to the basics.
Fly-illness, depression, re-evaluate lifestyle
Grapes- Time to go out and have fun, break from routine

Chain - Mule - Wreath - Wall
Chain- events that will affect your life.
Mule- Someone is extremely stubborn and unwilling to change, being stubborn and rigid in your/their view.
Wreath- sorrow over a loss
Wall- misunderstanding, up to me/person to reconcile

Grasshopper - Whale - Goldfish - Inkpot
Grasshopper- situation in the balance that require careful handling.
Whale- Great worry over nothing
goldfish- increase in material wealth or spiritual wealth
inkpot- problems to be resolved, need to face the problems

Vase - Spear - Torch
vase- secret admirer
spear- heartache over what you no longer have.
torch- spiritual development, enlightenment, awareness, understanding, everything will become clear

The last weeks of February was about letting someone go and accepting that it's just not meant to be. In addition... I had some financial problems, but the problem was resolved.

Feather - Kangaroo - Leg
feather- someone you know is undependable, insincere, be careful who you trust.
kangaroo- unsettle times, scattered attention, make sound plans
leg- stepping into a new experience
Not sure what this is....but I was making plans and stepping into a new experience. I was making sound plans so that I was sincere and dependable...I didn't want to spend my money in the wrong way.

Stork - Sun - Teardrop
news of a birth or a new business opportunity
happiness and well being
great personal sorrow, tears
I might have been in a bad mood this week. Also had an argument about a new business venture.

Dog Far Away - Turkey - Fire
distant friend is thinking of you.
someone behaving stupidly, being affected by stupidity
strong emotions. passionate love or hate
I think dog far away is that I hired a career counselor who lived in another state and I had to talk to this person through skype. I was nervous and had strong emotions.. so I was flush. In addition it was a time to look what I passionately hate or love.

Tower - Boot - Pig - Clouds
solid foundation, success with effort
increase your efforts if you want to achieve your goals
beware of greed
temporary problems
Not sure what this is yet.

**I'll translate theme the week before. See how well this method works**


crib- Birth or conception of a child or enterprise (maybe even could be seen as home like that slang word crib)
Teapot- Deep friendship with someone of the same sex
Ram- A stubborn aggressive person
Table- Hard work ahead
Kangaroo- Unsettled times. Need to plan ahead.

This week looks like it involves housing there may be struck up with someone of the same sex who is a very stubborn/aggressive person. It will require a lot of hard work ahead and I need to plan ahead.
Business will be a focus this week and it will tie in with someone of the same sex who is stubborn/aggressive (or a taurus) with much hard work and need to plan ahead.

Got into a major argument with someone of the same sex who happens to be a aggressive *also taurus* person.

Wedge-Someone is trying to come between you and a friend or something you want.
Skull-Hidden secrets can harm you
Well-Family wishes come true
Caterpillar-Things will not always be this way. A change is coming.
Wheel-Indecisiveness. Allowing your life to ramble aimlessly

Not sure who this is... but It could be that There is a third party that was kept secret which is harmful to the wishes I have. This will require a change that leaves me feeling like I am wandering aimlessly.

Got into a major argument with someone of the same sex who happens to be a aggressive *also taurus* person. Just a continuation of it.

Heart- Love, deep affection, and caring
Gavel-Involvement with the law/judgment
Younger Man- Dealing or relationship with a younger man
Lily-spiritual love
Cane-Pay attention to your health. physical support, getting help for balance

Love, care, deep affection needs boundaries/rules set with a younger man who I may have a connection with. But, I need to pay attention to my well being.

All I can guess this is was that I prayed a lot for this week.

Tiger-Doing something risky. Taking a chance
Dog(far away)A distant friend is thinking of me
Barrel-You feel something is lacking in your life; perhaps love, money, or goals.
Dark woman- Dealing or relationship with a woman with dark complexion or hair.
Moon-changes in your life

Taking a chance about a friend who is distant who I feel is lacking in my life Dark woman may be me because I have dark hair and my skin isn't pale. This makes me change my life.

Not sure what this is yet.
I didn't really study for an assessment...and took a risk. But passed.
(not sure of the rest yet.)

29-May 1st
Grapes-Time to go out and have fun
Flag-Do not be tempted to lower your standards
Gong-An exciting event
Mountain Road-You are on the road to success
Scales- Keep your life in balance

I took some time away to enjoy myself. Drove to the beach...swear should be a daily thing for me because bodies of water refuel me. But we did hear some sad stuff...fraud...

This could just all be about lightening up whatever I feel has been weighing me down and holding me back. May even indicate succeeding at some work related stuff.


Week Ahead: May 20-27

Ram: A stubborn, aggressive person
Dog: Protection from a powerful friend
Windchimes: Peace and harmony
Wreath: Sorrow over a loss
Key: Successful outcome to your problems

Ram sounds like a high probability at work tomorrow. I work with people who are best described as stubborn and aggressive. However, some friends of mine will also be there, and they are friends who protect me from the stubborn aggression. So those two are work.

ETA: Pretty much exactly this happened. Work was stupid, there was stubbornness, and my friends helped to make it ok.

Peace and harmony, while being my day today, could also describe how it's a long weekend here. So I have more time for peace than I usually might. I also have an extra day off this week, which provides for more downtime.

ETA: the 8 hours of work that I thought that I was doing has been cut in half.

I've been struggling with sorrow over a loss lately; this month is the month that my dad died in some years ago. So it makes sense that it's colouring my outlook this week. However, as we head into the end of May perhaps that will become less of a significant factor in my day-to-day life. I'm also growing more comfortable at work (at my newer job) which could also be a part of Key. Perhaps this card signifies that my newer job will go quite smoothly this week!

ETA: Well, my new job went smoothly. I'm also experiencing the Wreath in that I started on a new personal project (a subset of a larger one) that's all about loss and it's taking quite a toll on me. It's full of grief and sadness and there is some anger too. Perhaps Key is that, for now, that project is being laid to rest temporarily.