Tell me about your Vision Quest


I became a proud owner of Vision Quest tarot few days ago. And in the very moment they came into my hands I've realized that this is all I ever wanted..
The warm colors embrace me and invite me into a whole new world. I'm so excited. I want to share this feelings with all of you that are also related with this deck.
And although my Vision Quest experience is just starting there are so many questions..
So tell me about your very own vision quest!;)
Do you use reversals? How do you see the father, the mother, the son and the daughter? Do they represent persons or are more like emotions to you?


My beautiful Vision Quest

I've recently bought this deck and decided to use it for my own journey. As part of the process it's been trimmed back to the picture, borders completely removed and corners rounded. It's stunning.

I bought it in New Orleans on holiday -at Marie Lavaux's - and it was the only deck they had that I didn't already own. I'd seen it before but not been especially drawn to it although I do love Sylvia Gainsford's Kabbalah Cards. I thought it might be a 'weak' Native American rendering but the minute I opened it I knew that it was a deep, powerful - yet gentle - and inspiring deck.

How fortunate for me!

Read the reviews and loved Bonnie Cehovet's in particular. Now looking for others to discuss it with as I learn and bond with it.

I think this is the start of something wonderful.



this is a deck that has been calling to me for a while. I finally bought and have been exploring for a few weeks. At first the cards felt flat to me, but the more I work with this deck, the more I love it. It is very unique deck. It's vibe to me feels clean, high clarity. high vibrations, like being on top of a mountain, can see very far. and clear. It told me it wants me to work with it with stone/crystals, and I was guided in picking 6 stones/crystals and placing them in circle that surrounds my spread. and right now am being guided into picking the cards in 3 card spreads. sometimes more than one 3 card spread, different for me as I am used to working in depth, doing deep readings, with many cards. today I drew another reading and this one is private, but they are telling me, ancestral spirits are joining me to help me with certain thing I am aware of and frustrated because no one else seems to see or notice this.


Truly relating to the Vision Quest Tarot

I checked my records to see how long I've had the deck, and it's only been a week, but already it feels like an old friend. I've been using it almost exclusively for personal readings since it arrived. I've fallen in love with the rich brilliance of the cards. I have Native American ancestry and the theme really speaks to me. That the card suits are named after the elements and the scenes depicted are of nature are a huge plus. That makes me feel more in touch with the Universe than swords, pentacles, cups and wands do. I also like the LWB. I think it gives a good launching point for what the cards have to say. They do relate in some ways to the traditional meanings but there are also differences, and I like to let those differences shine.


Some weeks ago, I had a flash during meditation about a past life, may be, and the picture was so clear, so intense I couldn't forget it.
Then recently I've been lazily watching tarots and oracles reviews on YouTube and suddenly my flash vision appeared again in front of me ... drawn upon a card. It was a Vision Quest Tarot dek review and I immediatly ordered it on Amazon, knowing it'll be a very special deck to me.
I recieved it yesterday and, indeed, it perfectly fits me. :thumbsup: (for personnal use only)