Temperance Major #14


Cute. But does this really convey the message you wanted for the card? Possibly he should have been pictured in the process of mixing things together - adding fluid to a bowl? Then again, he could have been pictured working in a hardware store mixing colors of paint, or a bartender mixing drinks as much as booze figures way too important in a lot of gay men's lives.
IMHO - workable, but not as satisfying as others have been.


Can someone post the image up for me to look at, thanks? Would be muchly appreciated :)


Thanks for that VisionQuest :) Hmmmmm....it does seem to correlate somewhat with the Housewives Tarot and kitchen themes....


tarotbear said:
Then again, he could have been [...] a bartender mixing drinks as much as booze figures way too important in a lot of gay men's lives.
But then, that would have left me with just the kind of stereotype I was trying to get away from. :)

Thanks for posting the scan, VisionQuest!

-- Lee


Here we go again with "negative stereotypes". The stereotype of the bar has a lot of reality to support it. It is the first place of socialization for many a young queer person and has great roots leading back into the days of the speakeasies.

However I think a chef is a more appropriate choice for this card because it is a much quieter atmosphere the focus should be on the reaction ratehr than on the operator. I like the idea of the mixture being placed into heat as a catalyst.


At first, I had some difficulty with this particular card as I have always loved the more traditional Temperance image......and this card didn't do anything for me. But again, after much contemplation and reading other's posts, I have a whole new respect for Lee's Temperance imagery!

I see this card as the chef blending and creating new and innovative ideas....he is using raw ingredients and creating a whole new product. The alchemical aspect of this card is quite apparent and (to me) the fact that this chef is cooking on the stove tell me that we need to sometimes 'heat things up' to create something new out of other ordinary things in our lives. It also nicely sums up the true qualities of Temperance in the aspects of harmony and understanding (you need to know how flavors are going to mix and how to cook a particular plate), moderation (we need to eat to live, not live to eat), and healing (food is a basic necessity.....a balanced diet leads to a more balanced lifestyle and life in general!).