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Hello me again ;)
Temperance -Now this is a card I just dont get! the more I look at it the more confused I become. Now I did a reading last night and asked a question about my relationship with my husband and this card came up as obstacles/ problems. Now I'm confused about what this could mean?? Is it complacency (sp?) or am I way off? I would really like to know so I could perhaps solve the problems.
any ideas folks?

pp xxx


Temperance as a problem or obstacle?

Perhaps this card suggests that there has been too much conciliation and change, attempts to compromise, etc., with the result being that some degree of confusion exists. Perhaps some rules or guidelines need to developed and folowed before one can moderate ones approach to a problem area. Is on of you too flexible, one too demanding.

Negotiating some guidelines helps to provide a basis or working area in which both the boundaries and the area of flexibility can help temperance be a more positive card. Dave

pickled pixie

Thanks dadsnook, that would make alot of sense, I think we do have a few probs in that area.
I really have trouble understanding this card, even after reading the explanation in the book it is no clearer to me, it maybe because it is one of my least favourite cards.

PP xxx


Yes, this card got me very confused at first, but after some thought and a little bit of help, I think I have come up with something.

First of all, I looked at the card, and saw the fish flying or swimming around her head, which seemed strange since there is water below, but not where her head is. I just kept thinking but fish can't breathe air! They can only breathe by the gills, which only works in water.

Then I looked at the lanterns or whatever they are. I looked at it, and all I could think of is like a flower bud, that opens up, omits something. I thought that it might be a stink bomb, but that search came up with nothing.

Then I just thought that she must be hallucinating, which made me think of opium.