Ten of Cups


There's not an ounce of dissention in Robin's "Ten of Cups." No storm clouds; no tension; no sorrow; no havoc. Love and peace reign, with the bluebirds of happiness joyously flitting around a tightly-knit family unit, as a rainbow and sunlight brightens their world. 'tis a wee bit Disney-esque for my taste, but the overall feelings of abundant blessings and steadfast, unconditional love are comforting when this card does show up in a reading.

If the querent wondered if they were all alone in the world and this card came up (depending on where it fell), I would consider the possibility that there's a supportive group of people...be it family members or otherwise...that the person could rely on. The family members pictured in the Ten of Cups will be there through thick and thin; in sickness and in health. Reversed, they may not be so quick to jump to the querent's aid...perhaps there's been some degree of estrangement that's occurred between the members. But if the card fell upright, the group in question is a strong, understanding base on which to depend.

If home is indeed where the heart is, then this card shows it in blazing color. In her book, as she's done with all her other cards, Robin describes why she chose the clothing colors she did...for example, "The man is wearing a blue tunic, for spirit... His wife wears a blue vest as well, to show her spirituality, with red edging for passion, and white hearts for her pure love. Their daughter is dressed in blue and green as well, for growth and spirituality, and has pink hearts on her vest to show her own affection and love. Their son is dressed in purple and red, to show his passion and joy in life." The ten cups pictured also have differently colored gems on each, representing a variety of positive emotions and states-of-being. In chapter 5 of Robin's book, there is a very helpful key to symbols and colors. If one color or symbol pops out in a reading over the others, it would be beneficial to know the meanings behind that color and/or symbol. For instance, if the Ten of Cups came up reversed and the blues looked like a blinking neon-sign to the reader, perhaps spirituality is blocked or missing from the group or situation that the querent has asked about (ie. How deep or shallow ARE these people?) Conversely, if the card appeared upright and blue still felt predominant, then spirituality may be of the utmost importance to the group or situation at hand.

All in all, this is such a positive, uplifting card. It often speaks to me of the blessings around me, that perhaps I've not taken into consideration for awhile. It generally doesn't depict material wealth to me...instead, it shows a lasting wealth-of-spirit that money can't buy. The family represented on the Ten of Cups doesn't have to depict a blood-related family at all...it can simply be a solid group of people united together in one way or another...friends, co-workers, people fighting for a similar cause...folks you can depend on in a crisis; folks who will cheer you on; folks who will applaud your diversity; folks who will make you feel wanted and at home.