Ten of Pentacles


The "Ten of Pentacles" is another of Robin's cards that makes you feel good all over. Upright, there's simply nothing (that I can see anyways) that is negative. And yet, there's a lot to look at and focus in on; much symbolism. Five people and two dogs are in the pics, each with their own story to tell. They may all be related or perhaps the grandfatherly figure and his possible grandchildren are a separate family from the couple behind them. In any case, peace and harmony ring true in this card, with a few generations represented.

The arch in the pic is very rainbow-like to me. In fact, Robin mentioned in her book, "The shape of the arch itself echoes the rainbow that is found on the Ten of Cups. ...these two cards have a lot in common. The main difference is that this family is more established..." Robin continues, "...that same feeling of endless possibilities and promise exists here."

When this card comes up in a reading, I'm comforted that tranquility will soon reign and any bickering going on within the family will cease. Plus, if the family as a whole or members within the family have had their sites on a goal(s), I'm reminded that there is strength in numbers and success could come sooner if all band together towards that goal.

There is no poverty present in this card. Even the dogs look happy (tho' the greyhound barely shows, it's busy with its own agenda of the day...being a dog!) It looks to me that affection and love is being exchanged between the couple, as well as with the older gent and the children. Perhaps the older man is passing on a story or some bit of wisdom he has learned over his long life. The children appear eager to absorb what he's saying and will no doubt file it away for future use.

The sun on the arch usually doesn't escape my notice in a reading; likewise the stars and the (moon...tho' missing in the pic, we KNOW it's there.) It's as if the God and Goddess are shining their light down on this happy scene.