Ten of Wands


Whew! Just looking at the guy laboring down the road carrying an armload of crystal and metal wands makes me exhausted! A reader can't possibly miss the Robin's key word, "Overload," in her "Ten of Wands." Determined? Yes, but at what cost? Worth it? He must answer that for himself...but that would require him to rest long enough to think things through clearly. But if what he carries represents, as Robin wrote, "...willpower, energy, passion and growth.," and some or all of these attributes are carried to their extremes by him, then I have a feeling other people dealing with this guy are going to state emphatically, "Enough is enough!!"...especially if he can't figure this out for himself. Perhaps the man (or woman...or person of any age or race) is a workaholic, unable to realize that if he continues with this burden that he's saddled himself with (or that which has been given to him by others), there will be a price to pay...possibly health-wise or in his relationships or more.

Maybe, as Robin suggested, the road travelled is spiritually-based. The load, therefore, is intensely personal and internal to the person carrying it. He may feel inclined to learn whatever lesson each wand represents before he moves on to the next. Hopefully he has enough sense to at least rest between lessons. No matter what, the card suggests that the figure is aware and feeling the weight of the wands's entirety in his arms. Maybe it's time to divide up the load into reasonable bundles.

Robin mentioned that if you see a church or cathedral rising high in the distant village, then perhaps the quest IS of a spiritual nature. If, instead, the tallest building looks like a castle, maybe the journey has more of a material bend to it. Whatever the reason for the course he's taking, if the village appears to be quite far away, then more work needs to be done before he reaches what he's looking for. If the village seems just over a few hills, then perhaps the querent is closer than he/she knows or can imagine.

I get the feeling that there's a feeling of no turning back for this man, at least in his own mind, weighed down by wands of his own choosing or that given to him. His head is buried in the very wands themselves. Perhaps if he raised his head, he'd see if what he's doing is indeed worthwhile or not. Sometimes we get so immersed in our thoughts or work that we fail to see the truth of the matter, let alone take in the whole picture.

Robin wrote that the Ten of Wands can sometimes signify a martyr and I can see why...woe is me, woe is me, look at the burden bestowed on me... But wait! The querent would do well to see if there IS another way towards success; a way that is better not only for him but those around him. Robin wrote, "This card means too much success becoming oppressive. Too much willingness to take on too much; especially of other people's burdens." The querent would benefit by considering that the load most probably CAN be lightened, but he needs to be open to this possibility to even see the various paths that can be taken and the help that's available to ease his encumbrance. He may need to stand up for himself and make his opinions known...not to mention, he'd do well to learn how to delegate. Or maybe, he simply needs to learn how to say, "NO!"