Test Driving Sacred Rebels Oracle


Ok now career.

28 - Collaborative Dreaming

I feel like you need a support group, or maybe it is networking. I would also take this as confirmation that you're on the right track in wanting to go to school. It's very difficult to make a career change when you're all alone, so if you seek out people who are in a similar predicament, it will be much easier to progress. You will then be able to pool resources and knowledge to help each other. I think you've already decided on a new career track, so start looking for associations or even online message boards for people in your intended career. Do not attempt to make a career switch all by yourself! It gets lonely and you will burn out.

What you need right now is more emotional - support, communication, sharing ideas, and encouragement. Your sense of direction is okay and you're making good choices about the concrete steps (doing research, looking at schools, plotting out goals step by step). You've done the basic legwork already. Surround yourself with like-minded people and this process will become so much easier for you. Even if what you need is something practical like money, you increase your chances of getting help if you start interacting with more people. I know we've touched on this before, but you also really need to be careful about current relationships holding you back due to certain friends or family having a crabs in a barrel mentality. Find your group that can help you get to where you need to be, and back away from relationships that have nothing constructive to offer in the way of achieving your goals.

Ok so this makes perfect sense. Im very close to ending one relationship thats toxic i just have to move, im in the process of looking for somewhere to go. And ive distanced myself from old friends who are full of drama. I just dont have time for that. Now i need to get out and meet new like minded people for sure.