thank you, nexyjo...


nexyjo is a beautiful gift to us!
i have a severe arthritic condition that has recently threatened my ability to handle any of my tarot cards--even my zerner-farber set, which has always been my most comfortable deck. shuffling has always been a bit of a problem, but these last few months have proven most challenging with degeneration in my hands.
then, just in time, nexyjo posted a thread about shuffling, and i was healed!
i was "healed" to the extent that i learned that i really didn't have to view my situation as a problem--that there was another way to mix the cards, etc. now i can use ANY deck i like!
this was a very big deal to me, because i thoroughly enjoy tarot, and find it be an area of my life where i have sanctuary and healing without obstacles....
because of you, nexy, it still remains as such for me; please know my gratitude for your provision of knowledge and inspiration!
thank you, also, to solandia for making this communication possible!
infinite blessings to all...


i am....speechless.
metaz, you are very welcome. i am glad i could be of help :)
luv and light,


I think it is wonderful that you took the time to post this message. Too often in our lives we hear the negative, "You didn't do this right. You were wrong about that." It is always a wonderful and beautiful thing when someone takes the time to tell us what we did right. Your situation proves that where there is a will, there is a way. I am so glad that you found a way via Nexyjo to keep in touch with the Tarot, something that is obviously very important to you.

My faith in humanity has been restored. BTW, Nexy, WAY TO GO!

One more reason why I love this forum and everyone on it.


Starshine: My opinion exactly. Metaz's post reminds me of a quote from Shakespeare:

"For we, which now behold these present days,
Have minds to wonder, but lack tongues to praise."

Too often, the praise are not sung, and those who deserve to be recognised as accomplished, beautiful, clever, healing, etc... Don't.



I agree whole-heartedly! Nexyjo is an inspiration to us all; may she live long & prosper!


& thank you, Metaz, for giving credit where it is due. Credit yourself, too, for understanding the "opportunity" :D
(Sorry, the twitchy finger struck again before I finished the last post!)

Dee 04

Wow Metaz!

That is really wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. I agree with all those who said that we do not hear enough about the "good things" that people do for one another, and when we do , it is after a long laundry list of not-so-nice things.
I am glad you have found a way to shuffle your cards and thank GOD for nexyjo :)


Go nexy! Go nexy! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! :D

And Go Metaz! Go Metaz! It's your birthday! It's your birthday!

*happy dance* (think Ren and Stimpy and the Happy Happy Joy Joy song!)

Rhiannon :)