"That Which I Seek Is Seeking Me"


Recently, I've been studying the Law of Attraction a lot lately, and in doing so, you often hear the phrase, "That Which I Seek Is Seeking Me" meaning that what you are looking for in the universe, is also often trying to seek you out as well, so I got a little inspired, and wanted to create a spread based on this!


1. What is seeking me at present?
2. Ways I am helping this seek me.
3. Ways I am hindering this seeking me.
4. Where should I focus my energy?
5. Where should I not focus my energy?
6. Near future if followed.


Looks very useful! Thank you for sharing. Hopefully, I'll use it in the near future.


I like it, but I think it needs reworded a bit where the onus of responsibility is not totally on the sitter. For example, I received the King of Wands + a Parrot tea leaf card for #3. The King of Wands typically does not represent me, and the Parrot tea leaf card suggests that, "Someone will gossip about all your secrets." So, it doesn't make sense as something /I/ am doing to hinder things for myself (and in general, I don't gossip). Because the first card was the 7 of Swords + Bird-Flying: "News is on the way" -- then the King of Wands /could/ be suggesting that I not take any kind of decisive action based on gossip, for example... still, that seems to be stretching it a bit with how the spread is worded. Overall, it seems like someone else (a man?) might be trying to get some news/information out of me that is really none of his business or something. LOL For some reason, it just came across as a 'warning' spread to me, that someone will be sneaking around/trying to get information out of me, then gossip about it.

I may post my spread a little later over in the Oracles section (because that is where tarot+oracles go) if you want to take a look at the tarot cards and see what I mean -- additionally, all three cards from a PPF spread I did in regard to "work" a couple days ago came up in this spread (and I used oracles with that spread as well) so I'm really curious now why these cards have reappeared. I'll be back a little later to provide a link. :)