The 3 of swords


The 3 of swords has turned up unexpectedly an I need some help to understand its meaning.

I have a "play" pack of cards which escaped from their box and are now floating around the boot of my car.

As I took my bag out of the car a card must have got stuck to the bottom of the bag and it fell off as I walked into work so the 3 of swords "appeared" at my feet as I entered the office.

My initial reaction is that it is a warning that today I should be careful what I say to loved ones as my words will have increased capacity to wound.

As th emessage is for me I am pretty sure that this is the message but I would appreciate any other views on this card.



Sounds like a good interpretation to me.


That's certainly a valid interpetation. But I'd also take a good look around, especially at work as that's where the card appeared to you. Have you noticed anyone close to you acting tense and quiet? And when you ask them, "Anything wrong?" They answer, "No, nothing," but you're suspect they're lying? That maybe they're angry with you or guiltily hiding something from you?

The 3-of-swords warning might not be telling you to watch your mouth, but rather warning you to take notice of a tense, festering situation. Perhaps you haven't noticed it at all and the waring is telling you to open your eyes--or perhaps you have noticed it, but you're ignoring it. Probably because you just don't want to deal with it. The card might be telling you to do something about it--confront the person, get it out in the open--before it hits critical mass and swords are drawn.

Original Destiny

Be careful of misinterpretation; what you mean/do could well be taken in a different way. The heart is at the center of the card, literally and spiritually.Look for the hidden not the obvious.I have always treated this card with respect........


You may not of thought of this but the 3 of Swords getting stuck on the bottom of your bag might just have been a friendly warning about the cards floating around your car boot, you say it is only a 'play' deck but I bet you'd be upset if you lost more of the cards - if you hadn't seen the card drop then you'd have lost that one.