the 42 card spread for World Towel Day


I'm just about to log off and pack my bag and leave the house.

I'm all excited - I haven't felt like this for years, not since last getting ready for a first date with someone special.

Two decks. The Rumi will do the 42 card spread, the other one will do any stray readings that come along (and I know at least one will, a classmate).

Paper and pen to record the fall of the cards so I can report back with my interpretation.


It's been The Day for hours. The sun is up (and, surprisingly, warm), the outside world beckons. The fencing contractor has just left. There are no more excuses now.

I'm taking my camera. Hopefully someone will take a shot of me in action somewhere along the way.


nisaba said:
(I can't believe I didn't notice this before) GREGOR?Y! take your medication!
Nope. But it is cold and VERY windy here; I shall have to do my thing indoors..... At least no-one will SEE the Power Animals.... That WOULD be improbable.


Sheri said:
I would be pleased to have a thread in Tarot Games & Fun hosting readings done with this spread, if you want to do them together. If wishing to do them individually, Your Readings or Personal Readings with a link back to here would be most appropriate.

Having a thread in Tarot Games & Fun would allow everyone to have fun and be a chatty as they would like about the decks used and towels (!), etc. and the readings could be in one place.
And here it is!


OK - I did it. }) But to my horror, someone not from this thread is taking it seriously. Maybe I should delete.....


It's that time of year again. In three days, in fact.

So, who's going to lay out their Towels in public and do a 42-card reading? I know I will.