The 6 Card Tell Me Spread

Golden Angel

Okay all,

I am new to Tarot so I don't know if this is a common spread used. But I use something that's a 6 card spread. Originally it was just 5 and then it eventually turned into 6 cards. Currently I use this spread to begin all readings and sometimes I read all of the cards as one message, but I've noticed a trend and here it is....


Card 1- Can represents the past or recent past that has lead up to querent's current state or what is leading up to where they want to be or what they want to achieve.

Card 2- Signifies the current dilemma with the querent. Its really good at echoing the querent's question.

Card 3- Signifies one half of the underlying problem (the other half is revealed in Card 4). Typically this shows up as a person, sometimes an event or issue, but usually its a person (court card).

Card 4- Signifies the other half of the underlying problem. Usually indicates what the issue is and with whom when read with Card 3. (This tends to be either a major arcana or a minor card).

Card 5- The next stage just before the final outcome happens. It usually reveals the Karmic or Life Lesson or the emotional theme associated from the struggle denoted by Cards 3 and 4.

Card 6- The final outcome card.

Cards 3 and 4 and 5 a really important. It tells you much more about the underlying problem (or sometimes its not a problem) in great detail that it will not only astound your querent but most of all, its a springboard to really getting to the heart of the matter. 5 is similar to the final outcome card but is more spiritual or Karmic sometimes emotional, while 6 is the tangible outcome card which is information the querent really wants to know.

Sometimes I need to know more about the Struggle/Underlying Problem (Cards 3 and 4) and then I will pull between 1 and 3 more cards to really understand the heart of the matter that's going on within the struggle.

This spread has never failed me. Would appreciate any feedback.


So interesting

This spread seems so amazing. I am just writing to let you know I happened on it by chance. It is extremely helpful in framing my question. I will use it and post the analysis of my cards later. Just letting you know I am planning to give you feedback on it. Write back later.


My experiment with this spread

Ok, I moved it. It is in the "Your Readings" forum and is titled:

6-Card Tell Me Spread--Feedback Reading



Hi, Golden Angel :) I really liked this spread - it worked well for me (read: told me what I wanted to hear :laugh:) and the result, if you're interested, can be found in the Your Readings forum.

cerulean_lotus - you might want to edit your post to take the reading out of it. There's a forum - Your Readings - where we can post our personal readings for fun and comments. You can leave a redirect in your post above this one, if you want.

\m/ Kat


I just tried out your spread and like it a lot... you are quite right about card #2. I don't know if it told me what I like to hear, but it told me what I wanted to know.


Hi Golden Angel,
Thanks for posting this spread. I just finished trying it and it was right on target. I was amazed by the accuracy of the cards. I used my PCS deck and a Mary Greer book to help with the reversal interpretations.

Lady Marian


This is awesome

I came across your post by chance while looking for something completely different.
I used it with a client who was after an hour long reading but uncertain as to which area to 'really' focus their reading on.
I did this spread to determine the most important aspect for them at the moment, and did a brief analysis.
Then I did a larger celtic cross reading once the direction had been established.
I found that it was VERY useful in establishing the direction and guidelines for the main reading.
I am yet to use it as the only focus for a reading.
But I shall let you know how I get on when I do

Avallon Mist

Great Job!!!!

Hello Golden Angel,
As I was reading your post, I realized that this spread reminded me of
"The Cross of Truth" spread. It is so similar, but only has five cards.
It's set is like this:
4 2 3
1. Querrent's basic situation or his/her present.
2. " " desires, hopes or fears.
3. " " allies and/or helpful matters
4. " " enemies, challenges or opposing forces/energies.
5. " " out come/resolution.
I see why you like the 6 card spread; I've always had great readings with the Cross of Truth spread. I also use this one when I want to get down to business; get to the bare bones and by pass the bull-spit. I DO realize that the larger spreads ARE extremely valuable; I was just trying to make a point.
Good luck with your new divination skills, I hope they flourish and prosper for you. You seem to be off to a fabulous start.

Golden Angel

Hi Everyone,

I am so pleased that most people are liking this spread- maybe not so much now because now its not my "own little secret" spread. I also appreciate the feedback from someone who told me its a variation on the Truth Spread.

I like it because I have a small reading area and anything longer than 6 cards is a mess on the floor! The more I use the spread cards 3,4, and 5 have even turned out being minor cards. I am not sure how to interpret that- either its being a minor issue in the big picture or maybe there needs some clarification and one should go ahead and pull more cards.

I always use reversed meanings if it shows up, its my preference, but if I see something in reverse I know to also present it to the querent with reversed and upright meanings... or at least I can take the upright meaning to the reversed card and apply it as a possible solution for the end of the reading.

If you have more than one deck, try this on different decks. It works better for some decks than others. My all time favorite decks are: Touchstone Tarot, Mythical Goddess Tarot, and Inner Child Cards. I get different information and results using this spread with different decks. The Touchstone tarot never fails me at all, I connect with that deck like no body's business it feels as though that deck was made just for me! Mythical Goddess Tarot give me a slice of extra information, and the Inner Child Cards usually gives me solutions to the problems... mostly spiritual solutions, but they are usually the underlying solutions/answer to the problem. Its not unusual for me to use all 3 decks during a reading.

Thanks for the positive feedback, you have inspired me to come up with more spreads. I think I will explain more on the 3 card spread I do based off of the 6 Card Tell Me Spread.... well...I guess whatever comes to me will be the surprise.


Good spread! It was nice and succinct yet gave enough information to be satisfying. I liked it and will probably use it again.