The Aces


On the Ace of Wands there are leaves of growth. Ace of Swords there are yods. Ace of Cups are these yods also (or water?)

Ace of Pentacles is clear. What does this mean? Anything?

I hate asking questions like this but sometimes there are good reasons behind it.

Thanks for any replys.


ros said:
"On the Ace of Wands there are leaves of growth. Ace of Swords there are yods. Ace of Cups are these yods also (or water?)"

They are yods... 26 of them.

"Ace of Pentacles is clear. What does this mean? Anything?"

What exactly are you saying the Ace of Pentacles is clear of?

There are lilies and roses on the Ace of Pentacles (compare with the Magician), but I am not what you are comparing.



The Ace of Swords, Cups & Wands have leaves or yods on them. The Ace of Pentalces has nothing.

May mean nothing, just something I noticed.

Indigo Rose

In the book Pictures from the Heart: a Tarot Dictionary-by Sandra Thomon she writes: "Yods....they represent the new possibility of divine energy or intelligence coming through us and becoming manifest in the material act of creation."

My thoughts: The yods were absent from the Ace of Pentacles because it is the material manifestation of the other Aces. It is in fact less about possibilities and more about tangible realities. It is the elements of creation, fully formed and ready to be used for the journey of life. The new beginnings seen with this ace are those that material bounty can bring.

Indigo Rose


ace of pentacles

do you see yod or water when you shuffle or hold your cards?


Recently I asked a similar question in Using Tarot Card, were they yods or tear drops or water and this came to mind:

Tear drops from the subconscious that drip out into our consciousness to form pools of water.


A seed or idea has been planted so that it can grow into it's manifested form.




Could it be possible that the YOD have a dual purpose depending on the situation? The leaves are kind of flame-like and the water is well.....water-like. The cups=water, the swords=air, and the wands=fire? Just a thought.

Indigo Rose, thanks so much for that explanation, it makes so much sense to me!


the ace of pentacles has that archway in teh background leading outside the visable enclosed scene. The garden and the archway is covred with growth of the earth, element of the pentacle suit.

not sure that it applies to the original question but i figured it was worth mentioneng.