The Answer Deck - Deception


A man and a woman are formally dressed, and both smiling faces are turned to the viewer, but they wear masks.

The man is in a black tie. Something about his mask gives him a Zorro like appearance to me, the black mask and the leer on his face.

The woman, a blond, wears a low cut evening dress, and holds a mask before her smiling face. Both look serene and calm. They are comfortable with their deceit.

The Deception... something isn't what it seems. Someone is hiding themselves, or their true motives, and meanwhile is putting you at ease while they're at their wicked ways.

The fact that this is a party, a masquerade scene, also seems contextual in the image. Is there someone close to you who is deceiving you? Someone you consider a friend?

An unsettling card.


I agree with Alissa.....I have had this card come up MANY times, and it always makes me feel uncomfortable, wondering if there is someone close to me who should not be trusted. On the other hand, there was a time when I pulled this card and got a strong feeling that it was not about someone wanting to deceive me in a harmful or malicious sense....but instead, the person was withholding information from a means of protecting themselves. In other words, the deception was there, but with no intent of harm behind it.....interesting how you can look at the same card on different days and pick up very different messages!

I should also mention....I REALLY dislike the woman's mask!
There is something about those HUGE, bird-like eyes that gives me the creeps....she also reminds me of those b****y, popular girls from high school that everyone hated....;)

:) Luna