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A wide, white bolt of lightning streaks across a black background. The direction of the bolt comes from (roughly) the top right of the card, and the bolt's termination point is at the bottom left.

This bolt of lightning reminds me of the kind I drew as a child, the wide, squiggly kind, a child's rendition of nature's force. Despite its crudeness (the bolt of lightning on the Strom card is far more elgant and realistic for example) the image itself invokes a BOLD sense of power.

Power courses right through us sometimes. I can see the Magician, his hand raised like a lightning rod, ready to channel and catch the Divine bolts from above.

This is not an image of power in the modern sense we often associate with the word : there are no riches, there is no hardwon security and personal freedom.

This is power of a different sort. Archetypal.

The lightning bolt of the Tower also comes to mind, the moment of Divine Illumination, when we are "struck down" with the awesomeness and magnitude of what we are to be.

Lightning is the only source of light in the dark of a storm. The illumination of the dark is broken in flashes of sudden and complete vision (Crack~! The bolt breaks above you and for a breif moment, you can see everything in shadowy disjointed light, before being plunged back into blindness).

Power unchecked, unbalanced... lightning brings destruction in its wake during "dry thundestorms" in forests during fire season. In this, lightning is a source of power to be feared as well.


EXCELLENT post Alissa....not sure I have much to add! :D

Would you mind if I post the Power card on this thread???

There are a couple of interested parties who are considering the deck and would like to see more pics......

If it is OK with you and sunflowr, I would like to post the cards as we discuss them....what do you think???

:D Luna


I believe that would be fine, as we intend to use the images for study, and not for representation as our own work. As long as credit is given to the deck creators', no copyright infringement is in place that I know of by posting the cards here.

And, it will facilitate the discussions nicely, I hope! :) That way others can see the images, and contribute even if they don't (yet) own a deck of their own.

Great idea lunakasha!


Here is the card:


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